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Server History & Favs

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Could we please get a server history and favorite servers?

My mother loves playing Don't Starve Together, its literally the only game she ever plays. However, she has a real difficult time re-finding servers she was just playing on, she doesn't recall their names very well, and they might not always be listed towards the top, etc. And if the server is just plain down, and that's why she can't find it, she doesn't know.

She really needs a server history, a way to see what servers she's played on recently, I'd suggest most recent at the top, and whether or not they're still online.

I get that there's probably a lot of people who start and restart servers, and take 'em down to never put 'em back up again, etc. But, a simple server history would help her (and me by extension) out a lot. It doesn't even have to be fancy, just a list, most recent first, and whether or not it's still online.


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More ways to display previously played servers would always improve the experience so yes, it's a good idea.

Just wanted to note though, that you can do that to a similar effect with the tools in the game already. To see if a game you previously played is online, simply toggle the "Previously Visited" toggle on the server browser to 'yes'. You'll see the servers you've entered before with the icon of the character that you chose. If a game you previously played isn't there, it's either offline or reset.

And from the main menu if you go the Compendium -> Encounters, you'll see the list of all the people you recently encountered in the game, as well as the server you encountered them in the chronological order so in a way, that is a limited list of your last played servers.

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Ah, a feature I didn't know about.

I think a tab would be easier to notice, and easier for my Mother who plays only Don't Starve Together. It's literally the only video game she plays. (I am trying to get her to branch out. Oxygen Not Included is one I'm nudging her towards. :D)

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