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Cooking dirt with leaky oil fissure? Good or bad?

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I've ran out of dirt. I had so much dirt I thought it would never happen :D

So I was thinking of cooking algae into dirt, I've seen people make steel and use the coolant to cook dirt, but I really don't need that steel as of yet so I was looking for other hot things that I could use as a medium to cook. First I thought that I just dump some water and crude oil onto my iron volcano cooling down the volcano with them and steam turbines making petroleum and using that to cook my dirt but that would be a bit too problematic. So I thought that I might use my leaky oil fissure instead.

As I understand it leaky oil fissures produce a small amount of crude oil at a temp of 326C which should be more than enough to cook my algae or slime into dirt. I would use a rail to move my dirt into the hot pool of oil and wait for it to cook and use the robo miner and a auto sweeper to get the dirt.

I'm not sure how much that oil would cool down while cooking. So I kinda came up with 3 plans.

1) I'll enclose the fissure into a room. If it cools down enough that A steel pump could pump it out then I'll use an automated door to release some of the cooled oil into the next room where the pump is and  I can pump it out into my yet non existent petroleum boiler.

2) I'll enclose the fissure into a room, but I'll sprinkle some water on it here and there to make steam and use a turbine to cool it down a bit. and after that it's the same as 1)

3) I'll make a big pool of crude oil under this leaky oil fissure from the oil that was already in the map. I'll enclose the leaky oil fissure into a small pool(1 tile high) above the big one and when the oil get's above 1 tile high it'll just drip down into the big pool with 70ish degree crude oil cooling it and me pumping it into my non existent petroleum boiler later when I have one.


What do you think? I'm leaning towards the third option or Should I use a totally different method to cook my dirt? Just to mention that I haven't found a magma volcano on the map yet. And I need a quick fix cause I'm running out of food at the moment.

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Exercise care with the leaky oil fissure, it does refuse to stop producing oil for very long... ;-) It is a very good resource producer for that matter but the amounts are not too significant. You'll only get 50-60 kg in total every so often.

That being said, there are ways to pump hot liquids without the pump ever coming into contact with it. This kind of solution is dependent on your game style more than anything else.

A metal refinery can also provide very hot liquids with the added bonus of getting refined metal...

A glass forge can also give very hot, eh, liquid glass. An advantage of this is that every run of the building will only give 25kg of the stuff. Fairly controllable if you ask me.

If you have polluted dirt then the compost will save you in this predicament. (Sedimentary rock is the material of choice...)

1 hour ago, AntG27 said:

And I need a quick fix cause I'm running out of food at the moment.

Bristle blossoms will give bristle berries... for water and light if domesticated (6 cycles wait, though).

Dusk caps for mushrooms (slime & 7.5 cycles domestic in CO2...)

Ranching will help a lot too.

The metal refinery will give a lot of hot liquid & fast... Take care and don't boil the liquid!

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Basically this will only be worth it as an emergency resource. Algae is kind of rare and can't be reproduced easily and the mass gets halved upon digging. Moreover, doing it with a fissure is going to be a major hassle when even a copper ore aquatuner will do the job simply, using the heat from the dirt to cook the algae.

You should instead stop using mealwood as soon as possible, going with mushrooms or bristle berries or wild crops, or some ranched or wild critter solution. When you need to mass produce dirt, you can do it easily with pips and ethanol production.

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