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  1. Hello, I have a laptop with an additional screen attached through HDMI. Both screen are set to 1920x1080 resolution. I'm running windows 11. When I start DST it starts with full screen mode-on on my laptop display, but the scale of the game window is larger than the screen. So I can see part of the game on my second display as well. I've tried to change the settings(lower resolution/change display), but the apply button to change the settings if off screen and I can't click on it. I've tried navigating to the apply button using arrows on the keyboard, but it's the the button does not exist. I've also tried starting the game in window mode using steam launch options -windowed. Alt+Enter didn't work either. I've just found the answer how to fix it. I leave it here for the future. There's an option in windows 11 to scale the text size and other stuff right above the resolution settings. It has to be set to 100% to keep the scale of the game window normal in full screen mode. Screen shots in attachment.