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Sideshow Showdown & Mascot Mayhem!

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Corvus Goodfeather is back! New shenanigans await that'll have you cuckoo for the Cawnival! Introducing the vibrant Cawnival Mascot, Crownellius Cornwallis. But who is this mysterious disguised bird? An old rival of Goodfeather's who wants to sabotage the fun! Defeat him and get the Cawnival Mascot costume. Fun times await in this new update, including the Sideshow Showdown, a Cawnival cookoff that's sure to have you the squawk of the town! Compete to appease judge Goodfeather, who will sell you the special Cawnival food-cart which can craft the new Cawnival dishes such as Cawtton Candy, Funnel Cake and Corn Dogs.

  • Added the Cawnival Food Cart
  • Added new seasonal boss, Crownellius the Estranged Crow (Goodfeather's disgruntled Crow-compatriot gone rogue, who seeks to end all the Cawnival fun!) 
  • Added new Cawnival Mascot costume. Grants the ability to dance and spread Cawnival Joy to other players, granting them an additional status effect. Flap your feathers to fly short distances and even cross cave and ocean gaps.
  • Upgrade your Cawnival Mascot costume at Crowfeather's Mechanical Emporium to get the Mecha-Cawnival Costume. Grants enhanced armor protection, a sonar squawk attack, a light radius and razor-winged damage. 
  • The Sideshow Showdown, a new Cawnival cooking challenge. Collect ingredients, decorate the dishes with festive wrapping and present them to win prizes and recipes.






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8 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Would be fun next year.

It's already my favorite event even though it's relatively small, the NPCs just add so much character to the game! It's fun, but I can't wait to see how much more fun it can get.

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5 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:

A part of me really wants to draw crownellius now, I love this concept but I have to say that the mecha-mascot suit might be a lil much 

Ideally it would be a one-time use and then explode, like that one mechasuit in Hamlet. Draw away! I'd love to see it!

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