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Purpose of declaring prefabs?

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In some mobs or character files sometimes various prefabs or effects are declared at the start of the file


I do not understand the purpose of this, as everything seems to work fine even without that

Pls explain someone thnx

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I believe correct me if I am wrong that its for asset preloading.

Any prefabs in the file of another file will have their assets also loaded so that there is less delay when the prefab is spawned.

Its part of the dynamic asset loading system.

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In addition it also serves as dependencies so things can load in the proper order for like post inits and such, you can also see a lot in the forest prefab since it spawns off a lot of different prefabs for worldgen.

Prefab = Class( function(self, name, fn, assets, deps, force_path_search)
return Prefab(name, fn, customassets, worldprefabs)


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