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Need help with rocket modules

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I researched almost everything and unless i am missing something I do not see another module bigger than this. The description says it can store 10 dupes, but the space is so little that you cannot even put 10 beds inside. Even for 1 dupe the space is too little. I saw some old videos and the space was gigantic but i am not sure if they used exploits, mods, or an earlier build.

So is there a way to raise the space. And anybody can show me their rocket setup?

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Yea the giant ones are no more.   Was fun to build a stardestroyer when we could.   You used to be able to build over the diamond walls and deconstruct them.   Fixed 2 or 3 patches back.   Get creative with your designs.   You can deconstruct the flight controls and move them somewhere else which can be helpful.


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A few variants of the same setup i use that don't require micromanagement.


1. Like home
Solo mission setup. A storage bin is dedicated to store Atmo Suits (so you don't have to quit a mission early). You can swap one storage bin for a battery if you can't or don't want to use a Battery Module.
- Gas Cargo Canister (with Oxygen);
- Liquid Cargo Tank (with Water, but not full unless polluted oxygen is the dupe kink);



2. Rocket for 2
Same as "Like home", but with more friends and less morale without a mess hall.


3. Discovery
To explore space and reasearch.

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The 10 dupes thing is for transporting dupes to another colony. They don't need beds for that. Even then you'll never really move that many at once. For short term living it's usually 1-3 and that's doable


 I saw some old videos and the space was gigantic

That was a stupid exploit. Not the way it was intended to be used

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