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Crushed ice: made in base game without sandbox

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i seem to have made crushed ice, i don't completely know how.


it generated in my ice biome after mining some ice and other stuff, i think ice and snow melted, then became ice and crushed ice, i didn't saw when it happened but i found a tile of ice and a tile of crushed ice on top, i mined both and quickly stored the crushed ice in that storage bin.

any theories about how this happened, and can someone (if they have time) look at the code in the base game and find how this happens, crushed ice falls like snow and if we find how to make it again and reliable it would be cool.


dark blue ice, light blue crushed ice.

Here is my oldest save that i can have with the ice, i left some time pass so i don't have the save when the ice formed, i use pliers mod and blueprint mod.


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Crushed ice present in ice biomes. Not in each biome, but pretty often in game. Think it have no use.

But it is not main topic of your post. What is this - 


Snowman? Or you trying to hide some kind of porn?

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