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Free art commission for mods or fun.

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I just got the idea to make a free art commission. For real it's not a scam.

If you have an idea for your mod or just for fun, just write it in the comments.

I will draw the one I like the most.

The ones I accept:

  • Custom items
  • Item skin ideas (for already existing ones, also not for mods)
  • Armors/wearable items maybe...
  • Even smaller/simpler charater skins (for already existing chars, again not for mods)

The ones I not accept:

  • Charaters
  • Mobs
  • Big banners and stuffs
  • Memes

(Also I'm not a really good artist (not even an artist), I just like to draw. But I have attached some of my works for my mod at the bottom of this page.)

How to apply:

If I choose you, I will contact you via Discord, so please name your account here. Also describe your idea well (what it looks like, not what it does, I'm a bad modder and this is an art commission) so I can draw it. It can have a theme or just your an own idea, it doesn't matter. Just be creative.


Here is some of my drawings: 




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