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  1. Map shows blackness where ocean should be, also the texture of the water is missing and it goes black during dusk and night. I don't have any mods enabled.
  2. QoL and terraria collab. I can't say anything. It is amazing!
  3. No, he can't. That is why players use it in a lot of chees techniques.
  4. I can confirm this, the same thing happened to me.
  5. Chester wants to push me off the boat. First time, I got bugged an was able to jump. Jay! I don't think this is intended.Tt chester bug.mp4 jumping.mp4
  6. I played as Webber and my krampus sack was full of spiders. Then I gave a nurse switcher doodle to one of them and the whole game crashed. I was in the caves btw. (I didn't use any mods)server_log.txt
  7. I still want to send messages, I just don't want to see the messages that have already been sent. Is it possible? I tried using chat fade or removing widgets but it didn't work. And I'm not a modding expert just a beginner.
  8. Hi, I just got the idea to make a free art commission. For real it's not a scam. If you have an idea for your mod or just for fun, just write it in the comments. I will draw the one I like the most. The ones I accept: Custom items Item skin ideas (for already existing ones, also not for mods) Armors/wearable items maybe... Even smaller/simpler charater skins (for already existing chars, again not for mods) The ones I not accept: Charaters Mobs Big banners and stuffs Memes (Also I'm not a really good artist (not even an artist), I just like to draw. But I have attached some of my works for my mod at the bottom of this page.) How to apply: If I choose you, I will contact you via Discord, so please name your account here. Also describe your idea well (what it looks like, not what it does, I'm a bad modder and this is an art commission) so I can draw it. It can have a theme or just your an own idea, it doesn't matter. Just be creative. Here is some of my drawings:
  9. I don't used any server mod also I turned all off, but it still doesn't work.
  10. There is no texture when a desert googles dropped on the ground.
  11. Hi, I have never made any mods and I only know the verry basics of programming, but I would like to make a translation for my language. Any help or tips are welcome. I would be happy if this is possible.
  12. This is the problem, no crash log, the game just exits. Maybe this helps: client_log_2021-03-22-10-40-34.txt client_log_2021-03-22-10-40-36.txt client_log_2021-03-22-10-41-35.txt client_log_2021-03-22-10-41-37.txt
  13. Not always just when I scroll fast. No crash log, the game just turns off.