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Why dupes can't tame slicksters by the Grooming station?

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6 hours ago, pether said:

I'm pretty sure they can.

Are you sure you are not talking about Morbs?


or another option - check if the room has less than 96 tiles (so the station actually works)

sure they do, I always (in every game) tame slicksters and morph them into lava ones....

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Are they "clapping"? If they aren't even approaching the station, check if the room qualifies as a stable in the room overlay.

If they are just clapping and the slicksters never go to the station, it's because of an "optimization" that almost breaks critter AI if the game consumes a lot of system resources. Basically, the AI routines are delayed a lot, so that a critter can wait for as long as 20 seconds (real time, not in-game) before noticing the duplicant "clapping" at the station.

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