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It was my first time trying out the sweeper and it was working fine until it reached its storage limit. So now it just keep bumping into its station and can't enter and charge or release its storage.


Does anyone knows what task is it specify under so I can check the dupe priority system or am I missing something. It remains the same even with yellow alert and a storage space next to it for dupes to dump the stuff there 

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It sometimes seems to get stuck that way. In theory stuff inside the sweepy dock should be marked for sweeping so dupes should deliver it to sweep only containers. In reality it doesn`t seem to work lately. Setting a high priority for sweeping the stuff on the other hand causes dupes to do the job sweepy was supposed to do.

I had most success with sweepy if it`s used for liquids only (near ice biomes or on swamp planetod) or for clearing stuff produced by the rock crusher or metal forge that gets used pretty often so dupes empty the dock.

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