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The Enlightened Crown should be closed by default

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Surprisingly this haven't been suggested yet or I've missed it, but I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one here how likes to have a nice and clean HUD.

I got to play with the crown on my last session and just after some time of using it, switching between hats and all... there's always that HUD for spores coming up again and again. Unlike backpacks, this feature is nothing important but it's eating some space on the screen.
We really just have to use it whenever we wanna do funky stuff with the colours which is something we either don't do or set it once and ignore it for a good time before changing it, so it shouldn't show up unless it is opened manually, players that don't know this perk of the hat will notice it anyway as it's written open/close instead of unequip in priority.

That would save me countless clicks and sanity :love_heart:

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