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  1. I merged my XBOX account to my steam based klei account earlier and just now noticed that my dedicated servers were down. All my cluster tokens were deleted from my account. It is fine now since I just generated new ones, but I don't think this is supposed to happen. I don't know if this is the right place to report this either.
  2. This is a problem for the mod creator to fix. Klei added a function for mod creators to use to address this issue. If you use camera tweaks, I believe that mod has this issue.
  3. @JesseB_Klei They have been unloaded for the whole of winter and half of spring at this point and still haven't teleported home. I did some testing and I think I know how the mechanic broke. Here's what I did: 1. Tame a merm (I tried it with a merm guard and active king). 2. Go on boat, make sure the tamed merm stays on land and can't teleport anywhere when it gets unloaded. 3. Row boat far off shore until the merm gets unloaded. 4. Relog while the merm is unloaded (not sure if necessary) 5. Row back to the merm and kill a fish to untame it (if reloading did not untamed it) 5. Observe how the merm will never return home. I tried this twice and both times the merm did not teleport home. The second time I had a control merm that was on the boat with me and the other merm was left on shore and unloaded. The control merm teleported home after a little while but the one left on shore did not.
  4. That would explain a lot. I'll look into upgrading the CPU cores instead of getting more of them, lol. Thanks a bunch.
  5. I went to fight crab king with 36 merm guards (it was a glorious mess and took 12 sunken boats) and 4 merms did not teleport home after I untamed them all by murdering a fish. They got stuck walking against a river between two biomes instead of teleporting home. This happened on a dedicated server.
  6. Hello! I am hosting a dedicated server off of a google cloud linux ubuntu VM (4 vCPU cores, 16gb RAM) and it still struggles to host our server when there is frog rain, lots of people, someone running through a bee biome, and just generally in a high day count world. Is there anything I can do to improve the performance? The CPU usage never goes past 50% and ram usage is at around 20-40% constantly so I don't think the hardware is at fault. I'm not sure what is bottle necking our performance. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if anyone else uses knows a good host that doesn't have these issues I would be open to switching. Thanks!
  7. From my testing... it seems it went from about 2.5 pitchfork tiles to 5. The range still feels really small to me and you have to actively chop with the merms. Also since the merms walk to their next tree most of the time you have already chopped that tree by the time they get to it.
  8. Seems like weeds are one of the only things missing from the world settings. It would be great for dedicated servers where your farms get invaded by weeds if you can't play all the time. Thanks.
  9. Could anyone provide a screenshot? I'm curious because I use an M1 MacBook Pro and haven't noticed any problems.
  10. I agree, strident trident needs a buff. However, I would still like to have it as a blueprint.
  11. My trackpad (on a macOS) has a terrible right click function so I keybinded secondary action to X. After doing so everything still shows RMB: to place, RMB: Telepoof, RMB: Examine, RMB: Eat, etc.
  12. Noticed this when my lightning conductor skin reset to default randomly (bug or freak accident?)
  13. After the year of the catcoon ended, we noticed that kitcoons stop following the player randomly. I'm not sure why or when they stop following the player but they keep getting lost in the world as they don't continue to follow the player indefinitely.