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Fun Celestial Champion glitches(how to kill it only with blow dart and a boat)

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(Idk if someone had already reported these glitches)
I'll tell you the glitches and how to kill the new boss only with blow darts and a boat, and some of the best armor
Step One: you need a boat, 370 blow darts, and the best armor.
Step Two: summon the new boss. In phase 1, you can hit the boss 100 times with the blow darts on the boat. It couldn't hit you because it can't swim.
Step Three: The second phase of the mighty boss can break your boat, so quickly get off. You then equip the armor. When the boss is doing its spinning attack, you push it into the water( or you can get very close to the boss and jump into your boat when it's doing its spinning attack) like in the first picture. Then quickly get off the boat, and attack the boss with 130 blow darts.
Final Step: The final phase is freaking easy because it can only do the laser attack and the make you sleep attack.
Eventually, you'll see that the boss is dead and Mr. Wagstaff is flying. And yup, all your goodies will be dropped into the water.

(Sorry for bad grammar, I'm not a native English speaker)



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"...only with blow darts and a boat, and some of the best armor.... 370 blow darts, and the best armor..."

Yeah.... or 1x Ham Bat, 1x Bone Armor, 2x Thulecite Crown, 1x Walking Cane, and some rotten food.

So many choices... :abnormal:

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