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How big are the worlds?

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The first world I played in i got to day 6 and there were a lot of different enviroments. I then die and create a new world im at day 6 right now and ive already discovered everything its just a small round circle area with only 1 type of enviroment nothing to do now is this a bug or?

Here you can see the map http://upit.cc/i/4483aaea.png

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That really seems like you've missed a land bridge. Tray running around the circumference of your island (unless you've already done so). If there's still no bridge than I suggest returning to the main menu and selecting the "Make New World" button and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

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Are there "roads" in your map at all? If there are, make sure you follow them, they become bridges to other islands when they hit the water.

You should check the black spots GDK mentioned, just to make sure. If you still don't find it, tell us if it's the Chrome or Steam version you are playing. I'm sure the devs will be equally curious as me as to why are you disconnected from the other islands.

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