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  1. Thanks here u go guys
  2. Ad me on steam, nastybuffalo for all u other u can still come if u have better offers
  3. I have checked everywhere but if i create a new world I have to start over
  4. I have an extra copy of Don't Starve, post what u are willing to trade for it or add me on steam: Nastybuffalo.
  5. The first world I played in i got to day 6 and there were a lot of different enviroments. I then die and create a new world im at day 6 right now and ive already discovered everything its just a small round circle area with only 1 type of enviroment nothing to do now is this a bug or? Here you can see the map
  6. Flatout also got beta keys and tf stuff but if u dont want that its flatout
  7. Full game of flatout & smite beta key witch also gives u the full game when it launches - - - Updated - - - interested ? add me on steam: Nastybuffalo
  8. Just checked I got a box which says it will for sure give a rare item
  9. A lot of random stuff I think i got 1 or 2 rare items but if u add me on steam i can put it all in the steam trade and u can see my steam name is: Nastybuffalo
  10. add me on steam if u are interested my name is Nastybuffalo if there is more than one having that name just try flipkid_2300
  11. Ill give full game of Flatout, smite beta key & all my stuff in TF2 - - - Updated - - - flatout is worth 7 euro on steam
  12. Ill give full game of Flatout, smite beta key & all my stuff in TF2