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cooling the oxygen

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how can i cool the oxygen
I will produce it in a cold environment
I will use crude oil inside the type to not freeze
and that the seaweed is running out and I have to give a solution to this, they will not die of hunger since I am raising animals

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Think question is "how to make chill?" There is a million of billions ways described in forum, for an example here

or here



About oxygen, I found this solution most suitable for my needs:




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8 hours ago, manotroll said:

just to cool the air

there are no methods that do not use fail and that use the regulator that uses idrogen
more only shows the photos does not show how to do the step by step

if talk about wall then yeah, insulated tile is way to go, as you need cool the specific place 

if you have then most likely you need use the igneous rock for wall build.




if talk about the best off best wall build then probaply something this one.

as vacuum not transfer heat because it not have mass then you can make cooling or heating the specific places   without loss energy





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