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Now that we've experienced the revamped farming system, I think I can post this suggestion now. Perhaps it would be a nice idea to have a plow you can attach to a tamed beefalo to till the farm plots.  Here is a breakdown of the idea:

Name: Farm Plow

Craftable: Yes (under the tools tab)

Crafting Requirements: 2 Boards, 2 Rope, 1 Hoe, Alchemy Engine to prototype

Usage: Used to till soil in farm plots.

  • It can till 3 spots simultaneously as it goes through the plot.
  • Must be attached to a beefalo to work.
  • Can only be attached to a beefalo with a saddle and the beefalo must be ridden for the soil to be tilled.
  • If the beefalo shrugs off its saddle, the plow also get unattached but its durability is unaffected.
  • Each three spots it tills consumes 1% of its durability, breaking when it reaches 0% and leaves nothing.
  • When attached to a beefalo, it applies a speed penalty (around 50%, a bit slow but not as slow as carrying statues but this is a rough estimate). The speed penalty is removed when the plow is unattached.

This can be helpful for those who love farming and those who build huge farming areas so they don't have to till the soil one by one. It also adds more incentive to taming beefalos. The added requirements such as a tier 2 science crafting station and beefalo taming were added so as not to make it too accessible to completely overtake Wormwood's perk.

As for a better version, I propose something like the Premier Gardeneer Hat.

Name: Premier Farm Plow

Craftable: Yes (under the ancient tab)

Crafting Requirements: 1 Thulecite, 4 Rope, 2 Living Logs, Cannot be prototyped. Must be near at least a Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft.

Usage: The same as the basic farm plow with the following differences:

  • Still has 100% durability upon crafting but no longer breaks upon reaching 0%.
  • Loses 1 durability for every six spots it tills.
  • Upon reaching 0% durability, it can no longer till the soil and requires Nightmare Fuel to be functional again.
  • Has one inventory slot where any type of Fertilizer can be placed. It automatically fertilizes the farm plot is passes through with whatever was loaded inside it. This feature stops as well when the tool durability reaches 0%.

That's all I think. I want to know your thought on this. Thank you for reading this far and have a pleasant day!


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4 hours ago, Friendly Grass said:

I like the idea! Not sure I’m a fan of the “premier” version, though.

Thank you! I put the Premier version for a way to add automatic fertilization of the soil but I do admit that it seems clunky. I'd be happy with even just the basic plow if it gets considered.

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