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Characters' quotes not translated when using client_only_mod=true

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Hi great people!

I've been translating to french using strings.pot. Everything goes fine except for characters' speeches: they won't translate.

To make sure I didn't do anything wrong, I've tested using the template given by Klei in the topic below.

It turned out speeches were properly translated as the template is server side.

When I change it to client using this in modinfo.lua, speeches are back to english (everything else is correctly translated):


Any idea why speeches, and only speeches won't translate at client side?

Do I need to translate those using each speech_*.lua?? That would be strange, the strings are available in strings.pot...

Or maybe I'm just missing something as simple as this? (I've tried adding these lines in modmain.lua, not a success!)

local require = GLOBAL.require


This is my first steps at modding, any help would be really appreciated!




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