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  1. Ahahah creepy! How did you killed them? "Big bird"? My Ro Bin regularly "lose connection" with the stone and flees, replaced by another one if I drop the stone and take it back. Then I have to find my things among too much Ro Bins! Really annoying...
  2. 1. Yup, I've seen some while playing yesterday 2. Ok, this means that we have a finite webs / glands number (beside buying it in store) 3. Didn't re-try 4. Never read about that, simply thought it did regrow... I probably didn't spend enough time in caves! Corrected. Adding: nettle vine. By the way, I did see any Peagawk in a while... which means I can't make a gaz mask anymore! Anyone else?
  3. Sometimes all the game responds like if the down key were pressed (character, map, menus...). It lasts a while (~2/3min) and during that time, impossible to interact with anything.
  4. - Glowflies and pikos just stopped spawning after 1 or 2 seasons - Spider-monkeys disappeared (probably killed by flytraps or hanging vines: found the loot) - No possible interaction with glowflies on day - Green caps trees in cave not regrowing (cut about 50 days ago) normal - Nettle vines not regrowing (did for a few seasons, then stopped)
  5. Oops, it crashes the game after "profiler started"... Here, the worst perf is in the rain forest as soon as the night starts + when there's a "bat attack".
  6. I found the Ro Bin stone near the chest containing the stone egg in my base. Since then, stones + Ro Bin keep popping each time I walk near this chest. Most of them don't stay near their stone and walk nearby instead. I moved the stone to another chest, it then popped from this other chest. I have about 20 Ro Bin... Seems like only one follows, not the others even if carrying their stone. Sometimes they do... I try using one, it did well for a while and suddenly disappeared with my stuff in it. I came in and out from a cave a few times, it came back. Then it suddenly stopped following, like the other buggy ones. Regularly (on entering a house / cave or saving), my Ro Bin stops following and another takes its place. I have to look into the (now) ~40 Ro Bin to find my things. Will try destroying the stones if possible. Attached files: one with all the stones + 1 near the 1rst chest and one near 2nd chest. FIX: I was able to keep the egg, move it from a storage to another one. It finally disapeared when I dropped it. Ro Bin stopped popping.