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Lightning rod/Ice flingomatic hitbox

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now im not really sure if i have to put this here or bugs but there is problem with some constructions hitbox 

for example lets sey you are trying to put fences around a lightning rod if you put lightning rod it seems to we are able to place really close




but if we put the fences first lightning rod can only be placed so far 



look at that i dont know why thats happening but thats one of the most frusturating things you have to place stuff in a line to make it looking good 


when i make a kitchen it looks like lightning rod in the middle, surrounded by salt and ice boxes, surrounded by crockpots 

it has a very specific way to put those possibly close which is 

lightning rod - crockpots -salt boxes - ice boxes and my gathering line is crockpots - lightning rod - ice boxes - salt boxes 

which means i literally have to rebuild whole crockpot area when i get everything i place stuff early as i can because i need that crockpot food 

another example:



this is possible to make if we place flingomatic first but saplings and grass tufts can be gathered in early game so you NEVER place flingomatic first 


and if you dont place flingomatic first this is how much you have to remove just to place it 



please fix this klei

this also happens with chests and flingomatic

is a mod causing this?

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1 hour ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

is how this works. Big structures takes bigger space and little ones less so you always need to place big structures before you build small ones like walls or potted plants

Lightning rod is just a fricking ROD

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I know of a mod "Realistic Placement" that allows you to place things much closer together, but it applies to everything. I've had the similar issue when having to place crock pots before ice boxes which drives me insane so I feel your pain. It's the only mod I know that can be used. Consider untoggling the mod once you've placed those items to return everything else to normal? That's what I used to do.

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2 hours ago, Handsome_Jack said:

 mast a better option then the lightninf rod you can put anywhere and put lightning rod attachment

Its way more expensive for early game and

I did the math the lightning rods i use is just enough to protect my base doesnt mast rod have smaller range 

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