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Grim, the's Guide on how to summon the Celestial Champion

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Grim, the's Guide on how to summon and kill the celestial champion:

Finding the Celestial Orb:

1. Wait for meteor showers.
2. Is there a smooth lunar boulder? Congrats, you got it!
3. There isn't? Send another offering to your Lord and savior RNGesus and wait for the next shower.

Getting the Celestial Tribute:
1. I'm too lazy to explain pearl, but get her to level 10. She'll give you the Pearl's Pearl.The gist is she whines and you do what she wants.
2. Socket the pearl into Crab King with 8 other gems, and kill him. 
3. Again, I'm lazy, go watch Lahknish's video on it. I don't want to double the length of this guide by explaining the lengths required to get this thing. Link to the video below.
4. Haul that altar back to the lunar isles.

Getting the Celestial Altar:
1. Sail to the lunar island, and enter the rock biome. There should be three "Inviting formations". They're a three-piece altar, and should be assembled in this order, top to bottom:

  1. Idol
  2. Orb
  3. Base

Getting the Celestial Sanctum:
1. Go to the ruins, and build a starcaller's staff.
2. Find the Moon Stone. It's in the forest near MacTusk. Repair it with moonrock nuggets.
3. On a full moon, insert the star caller's staff and start the event.
4. It'll be attacked by werepigs and hounds, so defend it. (or cheese with statues. If you're a real chad, cheese with waxed giant garlic. You do you.)
5. Deconstruct your newly-acquired moon caller's staff, and take the iridescent gem.
6. Enter the caves, and past the blue mush biomes, you'll find the lunar grotto. Ignore everything there- they're not important for our goals.
7. Past that, you'll find a cave bridge, but blocked with boulders. Make your way through.
8. Gonna redirect you to another video, on how to get the blueprint for the Astral Detector, this one by Jazzy's Games.

Getting the mysterious energy:
1. Place the Celestial Tribute, Celestial Altar, and Celestial Sanctum in a triangular formation on the lunar island. Make sure they are not too close together, and there's nothing inbetween them. If either of these conditions are not fufilled, the mysterious energy will not spawn.

Starting the fight:
1. Build mysterious energy
2. Check the map. There's a moonstorm on the mainland
3. Find Wagstaff, he gives you the blueprints for astroggles and an incomplete experiment.
4. Help him by giving him tools when he asks, and fend off the birds. Collect 3 restrained static.
5. Lighting hits the ground sometimes, mine the blue stuff left and bundle it.
6. Do the same with the floating orb things.
7. Sail to lunar and place the incomplete experiment on the mysterious energy.
8. Let the fight commence.

The fight:

For the third and last time, I'll redirect you to www dot youtube dot com, for the fight.




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