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New World Gen missing important things

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Playing with the new large worldgen in 4 loads it is missing

Gold Volcano

Aluminum Volcano

Sulfur Geyser

They never spawned once.  With the large base you still need sources of theses for the long game to make the late game material, and to power the sucrose rocket from the bugs. 


Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work. 

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DLC Classic World - 5 minutes fast digging test

As a first impression..Ive built quite some ladders and the only thing I found so far is a "hot water" 110 Celsius source ( named "cold steam" in the game ).

I will dig more...So far- Missing my expectations :frown-new: and it currently looks like in a previous Terra start. Lets see what I will find by digging more.



Closing this and will start a Swamp. Why suffer with hot water if I can have a true easy start in Swamp ? Doesn`t make much sense for me in an "Easy" classified world. DLC Classic Terra = Klei again missed the goal IMHO.


Oh, I really can`t select cold Swamp as classic ? Nooooooo. What a setback from the previous patch version. I played cold Swamp for over 1000 cycles before...I want no steaming hot Terra.

Will quick test another Terra Classic.

2nd digging attempt, new map


5 minutes fast forward ladder speed building, currently found nothing


Looking at the Terra thermals I already sense that I probably will continue my Swamp save from the previous patch version.


I started seeing Thimble Reed, but for me the temperature heat sources on Terra still far overweight as strong negatives. Why an hard(er) start, if there is a nice cold Swamp ?

10 minute ladder speed building on fast forward, no renewable sources in sight. A beginner could doodle around for 1-2 hours before finding a resources source.


15 minutes fast forward ladder speed building - Nothing


At least 2 cold temp patches at the bottom...But no renewables


20 minutes fast forward ladder speed building - Nothing. I don`t want to fast forward speed dig 40-60 minutes just to find hot water at 110 Celsius. Beginners could mess around for hours and then find hot water, to kill themselfs. :frog:

...or a teleporter leading in to space or lava after playing for hours :lol: Please give us the option to switch off teleporters in the world settings.


babba ren. resource rating = 0%

Also no cold swamp for classic start - Game closed for now, sadly


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29 minutes ago, Tartarus Plays said:

I mostly find 2 cool steam, 2 natural gas, 1 salt water and oil on starting astro

oil on second

carbon dioxide on 3rd, no metal volcanos




And finally hydra has 2 liquid vents, water/polluted/salt

It would be superb if you kindly could post some screenshots on how your map looks :-P Many thanks if you can provide some.

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