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  1. Good info, glad so many people are posting. I hope Klei can use learn and improve game performance. A slight departure to a side topic, but the other big time suck in the late game is the auto save. Sure we can set it to not every cycle, but I hate on cycle 4 of the 5 cycle autosave I get a game crash. In the late game that is a huge amount of real time. I also play on the testing branch mostly, so I expect crashes and leave it on every cycle saves. Anyone played around with speeding up the auto saves? I thought a dedicated ssd for the game would help, but not so much.
  2. Here are my results Time : 2:23 or 143 Seconds CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.2 Ghz Graphics card : Radeon RX5700 RAM : 32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz HDD: SSD 970 Evo 500 GB Game Location HDD: SSD 970 Evo 500 Gb OS Location I did try it before rebooting and got 2:17 on that one
  3. Thanks I am playing the base game in the public testing specifically to find bugs like this if the crops up. Than I will go back to playing the DLC to find more bugs, and test the new stuff you are adding.
  4. I was playing a base game by having the click the "Deactivate DLC" to test that. It has been working fine. This last update 462129 Test Released 04/29/21. Broke the save game files with a version error saved as 460672 v 17 vs game build 455509 v17 Happy Abyss Cycle 591.sav
  5. Small petroleum engine landing on new planet has fuel become 0kg I checked in orbit beofre landing and rocket showed 300kg of fuel
  6. Rocket landing at main base on original rocket platform crashes game.
  7. Multiple crashes per cycle. Seems to happen mostly around rocket takeoff or landings. Tried disabling the 2 mods I use, neither of which had caused issues prior to this.
  8. Allow High Energy Research building to be rotated to change input side. Dupes without radiation exposure are eating the radiation pills as fast as my doctor can make them, so I can't get them to the dupes that need them. Adjust dupe behavior to only take a rad pill if they have had exposure above a level so they don't eat them all the time. Or we will have to have a doctor and a hatch ranch for coal on every base which is a waste of game cycles.
  9. Dupes will move atmo suits from docks with suits to docks requesting a suit be delivered. Even if every dock is the same priority, if a dock has a suit, and the dock next to it has the green delivery, a dupe will take it out of the dock and move to the next one, canceling the devilry of another suit. In the picture the dupes took all the suits from my top docks and moved them to the bottom one, instead of grabbing new suits from the forde to fill in the new set of docks. Now they are going to take them from the bottom docks and move them to the top one since I set it to deliver again. On a side note, the new suits don't come with a full tank of O2. If that was intended, I like it, no free tank, you need the dock running before dupes can use it.