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Klei can we get a fountain please?

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I understand that you guys are busy with releasing content and character updates, but I feel like it's been a long time since there has been a new structure that has decoration purposes only, such as Relics or Potted Succulent/Fern.

It would be nice to have some new structures for this purpose. I feel like a water fountain is a good place to start. A small stone fountain. 

Some other ideas would be a Flag, Gorge lights, Thulecite statues, Drawings, Mob nests, Item showcases, and more.

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1 hour ago, Mantas said:

The moon dial is kinda a fountain. But a reskin for it would be nice.

I was thinking about a big fountain that always has water in it and makes a soothing splishy-splash sound.

Oh and doesn't mark the location on map!

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