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  1. Thanks for the drop! I'm not sure if it was another coincidence with the comment i left earlier, but I sure am glad to see it happened.
  2. I just logged into my game client and realised I have 5000 extra spools. When I investigated the logs, it appears to have come from a "quest for spools" transaction, happened on oct 1st. Anyone knows what it is and how I got it?
  3. Thanks for the shiny and epic skin! Much as I appreciate the effort and the free skin, I think that the recent twitch skins are directed toward items that are very rarely made/used, or items that already have multiple skins. Telelocator staff ( rarely seen on pub servers ), Lantern ( had 2 skins ), Shadow manipulator ( had 2 fresh skins ), Icebox ( had 3 skins ),Scaled Furnance & Beebox ( had a fresh skin ). It would be nice if you would consider more common items in your future designs, or items that have very old skins ( such as Alchemy Engine / Chests ). There are many common items such as Bird trap, Fishing rod, Razor, Improved farms, Walls, and many more. Especially, the Don't Starve's signature building, Science machine!
  4. Now we can view and browse the discovered recipes just like Gorge. The book is fairly cheap to make, and it only needs a science machine so it's more likely to be noticed by new players and those who haven't read the patch note, and an interesting coincidence happening after this post I made earlier. Though, if we could get a small icon in the corner of the screen ( or anywhere else that can be seen and accessed easily ) it has a higher chance of being noticed by the player ( just like Gorge ). It could even have an option to be disabled/enabled. It could be located at the end of inventory, next to the "profile" icon, and only work when you have a book in your inventory. Any way to make cooking great again!
  5. I see that the next character that is going to get a refresh is Wigfrid. Before it's too late, I kindly ask that please don't remove her ability to regenerate sanity/hp in combat, or the innate damage reduction that she has. These are the features that literally define Wigfrid. They can be adjusted and so on, but if I open my game next month and find out I'm no longer able to raid spooderlands with an axe while being 100% wet and freezing at the same time, I'll personally hold the developers responsible for my sadness. Don't say I didn't tell ya! @JoeW @ScottHansen@PeterA
  6. @nome Thanks for adding the rest of the sideshow collection to the rewards section! Though I'm out of points to redeem anything, and I've already gathered as much as possible by following on FB, etc. Hopefully more ways will be added to get those pools and cover my noggins in spring with that classy umbrella!
  7. Thanks to the new QOL update, there is now a way for the players to access the recipes. A small step to make the system better.
  8. Just a pretty gal chillin'. Nothing to see here.
  9. Definitely my favorite. Haha popcorn go nom nom
  10. Nerf could also be this. It should ultimately reduce the efficiency of the item. My whole point is to balance/tweak/nerf these foods to encourage players to learn and cook other foods, and come up with less copy/pasta food farming methods. Warly is in a very bad place now ( i hate him nonetheless haha ) because what he does best, is not important.
  11. Just trying to bring up suggestion to improve the cooking concept of the game, just like every other top tier game tries to get rid of something that is repeated over and over and over, covering every other thing that is not as over-efficient as that. When it required you to grind more time or make meat farm, it also bring up another idea for players to maybe look for alternative ways. What I'm saying is that a single way of covering an aspect should not be superior to others.
  12. So far it exactly looks like what I've mentioned. "It's too easy and too good please don't make the game harder". Also there are no suggestions so far.
  13. Can't get enough of how cute she is. As if she's about to fly.
  14. Nothing to see here. Just another normal day in Texas.