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  1. Screenshot showcase

    I rather get that than x10 buttoned shirt, same color.
  2. Screenshot showcase

    This is what every cool base needs. 8 Spooders and 5 furnances!
  3. Should have known this earlier. I missed that tent skin and didn't know if it's possible to get it. Thanks.
  4. Forum's front page is broken.

    Thanks, I couldn't see the forum's homepage to find the proper category to post this topic. I think it should be moved here.
  5. I'm not sure where to post this topic since I didn't find a category for the general issues ( e.g. forum itself, engines, so on ). For the past few days, I've been seeing that the forum's homepage is not working. It seems there is a problem with the templates ( maybe updated the version of PHP/Python/ASP and the templates are calling removed functions? ) Anyway, here's an screenshot of the error: Also, hovering member's avatar anywhere will throw an error. It used to show the member's details via a popup:
  6. Cave stairs leads to Postern

    Same problem here. I came out of caves and spawned at florid postern.
  7. I had one much worse. I telepoofed over ocean and drowned, half of my loot gone.
  8. As decoration would be fine, but I like how you can actually interact with the wheel and "set course"!!!
  9. The bug is pretty obvious. You can place a steering wheel on land. Related screenshot here.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    Mayday Mayday! Abandon constant! We're crashing the island into ... the edge of the map. ( steering wheel bug )
  11. Screenshot showcase

    Actually 8 Webbers xD This morning on "ipsguiggle was here". And yes, both sucks. I went to ruins and came back 10 years later, they didn't even picked the items I dropped for them 10 years ago. Literally standing in the same place before/after I visited them.
  12. Screenshot showcase

    What are we? Spooders! What do we eat? Everything! What do we do? Nothing!
  13. Using a deconstruction staff on an object that includes a gem, will not yield any gem. For example, deconstructing a icestaff will only yield a spear, and deconstructing a purple gem will yield nothing. This was implemented to prevent generating endless materials forever, since you can deconstruct another deconstruction staff and mass produce gems and even food ( by deconstructing a hambat or bunny hutch ). Something that even infinity stones couldn't do. You can use deconstruction staff on napsack or scaled flooring to make 5 shroom skins or dragonfly scales at the cost of 1.20 green gems. Everyone asks if we were cheating in a server that had over 100 glowcaps, while it was generated using this method If your server has a poor swamp with few reeds, you can use the above method later on to produce papyrus by deconstructing spider eggs. You can even switch character and choose Webber over and over, to get a free spider egg. A few purple gems should not be a problem on a world that is on a high day count.
  14. Screenshot showcase

    The Three Mushketeers!
  15. Well that was fast, I was trying to post the reply in another post but for some reason the forum software is "too smart" and merges totally irrelevant posts. I even try to accompany the screen by making stupid sounds as I described above.