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  1. The title says it all. I'm sure sculptures made of moonrock will be very shiny and look great. Also in late game we get tons of moonrocks from different sources, which I'm not sure what to do with it. Thanks.
  2. The recent patch that was supposed to fix some attack [505171] has further broken the mechanics. I can't attack properly. If lag compensation is off, attacks take over 2 seconds to complete. If it's on, I miss some attacks which means it still doesn't work under the hood, and I'm only seeing the attack animation. I can't mine properly either. I'm getting crashes after picking an item with full inventory, something to do with line 46 of update.lua. I couldn't even get the log from client_log.txt, couldn't find it in the log file on Linux ( debian ). There's no minidump file generated for me either. Couldn't find it at the given path.
  3. Once celestial champion is in its 3rd phase, the lasers will cause insane lag spikes ( both for host and client ). This is due to the mechanic that the laser repositions every item on the ground when it hits them. If there are lots of lets say, moon shards or rocks on the ground, and the laser hits them, it results in ALL of them being repositioned and hence sending huge package data to client. Today we were doing this in the middle of a frog rain, and the lasers were moving the massive stacks of frog legs on the ground and the game was almost freezing for a few seconds each time this happened.
  4. Yes, My stomach would rumble too if I'd be standing there.
  5. POV: You're Abigail's overprotective brothers that woke up and decided to one shot Dragonfly on day 4
  6. Well, at least there's consistency in the corners.
  7. This is also true. Happens on local host too, with no mods enabled.
  8. I tried the Eye of the Storm update in the beta branch, and notice that my local host ( just me ) has a terrible performance, especially during moonstorms. So bad that I couldn't even pick the tools. I thought maybe it's a beta problem. Then the update was rolled in the main branch, and the same story. I literally can't move when there's a bunch of bees or mobs around. Host performance is always either red of yellow. The game also ran out of memory a few times and crashed, even though I have 16GB of RAM. Although I turned off pagefile, but even so, half of my RAM should be more than enough. I'm using a decent CPU ( 8x3.6Ghz ) so this should not happen. The patch before this ( the one that reduced the loading times ) was so great. I don't know what happened here.
  9. I think you've never used customcommands.lua in your servers before.
  10. What do you mean? If you set: TUNING.PERISH_FRIDGE_MULT =0 in your customcommands.lua file before loading the game, fridge will stop spoilage. But doing the same: TUNING.PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT=0 Does nothing.
  11. If I'm understood correctly, the `PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT` constant is used to control the perish rate for saltbox, the same way `PERISH_FRIDGE_MULT` controls the perish rate for icebox. But using `TUNING.PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT` in your `customcommands.lua` file has no effect. I've also used `PERISH_FOOD_PRESERVER_MULT`, doesn't work either.