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  1. Screenshot showcase

    I rather get that than x10 buttoned shirt, same color.
  2. I'm just trying to save the deployer / builder's name and deploy/build time into the placed plants / buildings. Here's an idea: I could try to attach the data using the "dug" prefab, and since it last until server is shut down, I could then try and and use the "planted" prefab ( using AddPrefabPostInit ) to see if that prefab has the custom data on save. If it does, then save it.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    This is what every cool base needs. 8 Spooders and 5 furnances!
  4. Thanks, that would exactly fit my needs since I only need to do this for pickable plants. By the way, you only passed the inst to the ontransplantfn_new function. Does it take another argument? Like, the deployer? Because that's the important part.
  5. That's nice, because the plantables list at the bottom of plantables.lua is "exactly" the list I'm looking for. Thanks for the note. Although, any clue how to access the newly planted bush? Any event listener I should use? Because on the line 16 of plantables.lua: local tree = SpawnPrefab(data.name) This is just spawning the bush, without the deployer or anything. I'm not sure how to connect a dug bush that has been just planted, to the plant itself.
  6. Sorry that I'm bothering too much, but I'm really confused what do onSave and onLoad do. If it runs under AddPrefabPostInit, Doesn't it mean that it will run only once when the bush's code is loaded into the world? Or does it run for each single bush? Let's say I have 2 bushes, BushA and BushB. I can save different data for each of these? It means that using local function new_OnLoad(inst,data) inst.mycustomdata = data.mycustomdata end will load different values for each so I can pass them to onDeploy? The reason I can't properly try it is that I don't know how it works
  7. Should have known this earlier. I missed that tent skin and didn't know if it's possible to get it. Thanks.
  8. Although I assume you've mistaken the difference between a "meme" mod ( which adds meme content to the game ) and a "spam" mod ( which adds jokes to the workshop itself ), I'm going to drop this discussion here since it's not relevant to the topic. The readers can decide what's spam and non-constructive, and what actually adds some meme to the game, not the workshop.
  9. I didn't know workshop is a place for making fun of people and jokes, I thought it was a place for productive people to publish the result of their works. But now that I know, I sure will post some jokes too!
  10. Forum's front page is broken.

    Thanks, I couldn't see the forum's homepage to find the proper category to post this topic. I think it should be moved here.
  11. I'm not sure where to post this topic since I didn't find a category for the general issues ( e.g. forum itself, engines, so on ). For the past few days, I've been seeing that the forum's homepage is not working. It seems there is a problem with the templates ( maybe updated the version of PHP/Python/ASP and the templates are calling removed functions? ) Anyway, here's an screenshot of the error: Also, hovering member's avatar anywhere will throw an error. It used to show the member's details via a popup:
  12. Speaking of purposely being ignored by devs, aren't you the same person that uploaded a twig icon from Gorge to workshop without clearly crediting the source, wrote 1 page of life story on the workshop item's description, then removed every comment that pointed this out and put a status on his profile for people "not to add him because of his work"? I think you misunderstood the meaning of ignoring people.
  13. Right now, the crockpots have a ridiculously large collision size. The block placement of a lot of structures, and can't be placed near anything that is almost a tile away. You have to place your crockpots first, otherwise you have to hammer everything nearby ( e.g. icebox ) to place the rest of them. I'm not sure why they have such a huge collision size, but I would like to see them reduced. They almost ruin every design that I have in mind, since I can't deploy near them.
  14. I believe he mentioned that this happened on official servers. Only the admin can rollback more than 1 day. There should really be an option to vote for how many days the server should rollback via a public vote.
  15. Thanks for the answer. Just one question. Let's say I plant a berry bush ( talking about this topic ) and I attach some data to that berry bush instant. Now I want to restore that data while loading the game. You mentioned something about GUID and reference, so how can I access those data so I can only restore that specific data for that specific individual bush that I've planted? ( not every bush in the world )