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  1. Yes, My stomach would rumble too if I'd be standing there.
  2. Since the game can crash for any reason ( boredom included ), there should at least be an option to enable all the mods at once. The game keeps crashing on macOS for various reasons and I have to manually enable around 30 times twice a day. Not very fun. A solution is appreciated.
  3. Sometimes the updates just get out of control. I'm playing, but for some reason ( game crash, taking a break, etc ) I need to relaunch the game. And guess what, there's an update but the server is not updated. Anyone who leaves ( and nobody checks for update each time they wanna leave ) can not reconnect to the server as the servers are running on different versions. We should ether be able to launch the game without updating, or the server should have a "compatibility" flag that would allow clients with minor version differences to connect.
  4. POV: You're Abigail's overprotective brothers that woke up and decided to one shot Dragonfly on day 4
  5. Well, at least there's consistency in the corners.
  6. This is also true. Happens on local host too, with no mods enabled.
  7. I tried the Eye of the Storm update in the beta branch, and notice that my local host ( just me ) has a terrible performance, especially during moonstorms. So bad that I couldn't even pick the tools. I thought maybe it's a beta problem. Then the update was rolled in the main branch, and the same story. I literally can't move when there's a bunch of bees or mobs around. Host performance is always either red of yellow. The game also ran out of memory a few times and crashed, even though I have 16GB of RAM. Although I turned off pagefile, but even so, half of my RAM should be more than enough. I'm using a decent CPU ( 8x3.6Ghz ) so this should not happen. The patch before this ( the one that reduced the loading times ) was so great. I don't know what happened here.
  8. I think you've never used customcommands.lua in your servers before.
  9. What do you mean? If you set: TUNING.PERISH_FRIDGE_MULT =0 in your customcommands.lua file before loading the game, fridge will stop spoilage. But doing the same: TUNING.PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT=0 Does nothing.
  10. If I'm understood correctly, the `PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT` constant is used to control the perish rate for saltbox, the same way `PERISH_FRIDGE_MULT` controls the perish rate for icebox. But using `TUNING.PERISH_SALTBOX_MULT` in your `customcommands.lua` file has no effect. I've also used `PERISH_FOOD_PRESERVER_MULT`, doesn't work either.
  11. Try to navigate a path that is a bit complex, such as atrium or the maze. Abigail will get stuck when there's a turn, not moving, not attacking, nothing. This can sometimes get you killed since there might be no going time, or you won't even notice. Now I know Abigail getting stuck could be fun for a meme, but still a bug.