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  1. Welcome to the "Yum Bucket" may I take your order? ( fake Secret Formula in the background )
  2. Thanks, but that's not what I meant. I'm talking about the resource variety ( normal twig, normal grass and normal berry bush ). That line will only prevent the grass turfs from turning into gekko.
  3. I know that you can prevent getting twiggy trees and grass gekko in your world by setting the resource variety to classic, in the world generation settings, or the leveldataoverride.lua file ( by modifying prefabswaps_start I guess? ) Can this be done by customcommands.lua (such as editing the TUNING globals ) or a mod? I'm doing this to achieve the results only in some cases, cause I'm regenerating the same world over and over. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Many Wigfrids have been harmed during taking of this screenshot.
  5. Thanks, but I'm mostly interested in how and when to execute the code. Such as when you use AddClassPostConstruct() to modify a class's constructor. So basically where should I attach my custom function to?
  6. Just trying to lock each server to its specified region. Specifically on SEA. Could you please provide some info about your method?
  7. I have multiple dedicated servers, and I want to restrict each of them to a region based on geolocation. I see that dedicated servers sometimes print a message like CLOSE_CONNECTION_WITH_REASON, followed by a reason. At this point the client's ID and IP is received by the server. I was wondering if I can hook into this step and manually reject connections from a range of IPs. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Pictures you can hear: Biii. Booo. Baaa. Beee. Booo. Biiii. Beee. Baaa. Biii. Booo. Baaa. Beee. Booo. Biiii. Beee. Baaa.
  9. We already have a shuffle feature for Vignettes, which makes the game randomly display one of the images that have been selected by the user on each load. Could we please have the same thing for profile icons and frames? I don't think it would be much of a work as something similar already exists in the game. We could even have it for character's skins, to randomly select cosmetics before entering the game. Please vote on the poll to see if it would be a popular feature. Thanks!
  10. So much love was put into this early garden. PS: We do not claim the 5th Wendy that did not join the screenshot party.
  11. I just installed the DRM-FREE package of DS, SW and ROG from humblebundle, and the final installation size after update is ~1.5GB. However, the steam version is about ~3.5GB ( no hamlet or soundtrack ). I played the DRM-FREE and I didn't notice anything less than the steam version. I looked inside the folders and the difference was mostly due to some fsb files named music or so. So is there any different between these releases?
  12. Thanks for the drop! I don't know if the recent twitch drops had anything to do with this comment that I left earlier, but I'm glad it happened!
  13. Thanks for the drop! I'm not sure if it was another coincidence with the comment i left earlier, but I sure am glad to see it happened.