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ok as a player it seems quite hard to not kill your dupe in space
the frist item the Solo Spacefarer Nosecone is hard to set upfor the dup to live.
SO FAR i managed two methods to make a dupe live throw a journey.

1. I build a fringe fill it will non-perishable food then deconstruct the fridge, the food is on the floor. Build a storage bin and use it dump dirt, algae and plastic on the floor.
I then use a bottle emptier to dump water and mop it back in to bottles as there is no other way of moving water bottles. After all that I can build the Algae Terrarium a outhouse and the research station and Power Outlet Fitting and wire it up.
You have to have the battery module   for it to work and pre charge it before lunch.

Once all that is done my dup can live for about 10 cycles in space before dying in a Radbolt Engine rocket that’s a lot of work just to get one dupe a return trip.
There needs to be an easier way to get things on board the rocket.
Could also do with a waterless space loo for the rocket as the outhouse is bad.

the only other way I found is you have to add the battery the gas and the liquid modules that’s 5 total including an engine so only the steam engine is the only one that can support it as that takes 6 and it will only fly 6 hex square total

please note after trying it in sandbox you can’t go past 6 hex range even with this late game set up

1.     Solo Spacefarer Nosecone
2. Battery Module
3. Large Liquid Fuel Tank
4. Any Oxidizer Tank
5. Large Liquid Cargo Tank
6  Large Gas Cargo Canister
7. Ether Engine

Please note there is no way to use the Larger spacefarer Module as that require 8 modules that not possible.

Please tell me if theres an easy method I am missing to get my dupe to servive in space.
space travel seems to be hard for all but the closest planets at the moment.

you can add the new Radbolt Engine for upto 24 hexes for exploration but your rocket is going to end up on autopilot as the dupe .dies as you can only have 4 Module. so if you use the Larger spacefarer Module you can only have the battery

in the next update please add some ways for my dupes to survive a long space trip

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Some people overpressure the module using the gas bottle emptier. In theory you can fit infinite amounts of oxygen using this technique. You can also use oxylite. With a gold volcano on the radiated planetoid you can get renewable oxylite and a single storage compactor should give you enough to survive for a long time. You can also bank algae to use oxygen diffusers.

Engines other than the radbolt and CO2 ones generate power so you don`t need a battery module with those for the most part. I don`t think you really need a liquid module. You can produece enough oxygen without it. Using oxylite or LOX as oxydizer gives you more efficiency so you won`t have to build extra oxydizer modules.

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1 hour ago, hartshorn.adam said:

Please tell me if theres an easy method I am missing to get my dupe to servive in space.

My easy way of space travel would be oxylite and berry sludge. A storage bin (priority 8-9) of 200-1000kg of oxylite in the highest possible place and a priority 9 fridge of 10-20kg of berry sludge can last long enough (just remember to permit its consumption before travelling..)

Other than that, I think dupe selection is important. Selecting a dupe who likes science and rocketry would make it easier to maintain good morale for more cycles. Selecting a diver's lungs dupe helps lessen oxygen consumption and CO2 production (if you could have a deeper diver's lungs, even better)

Two rocket interiors that lasted very long for me was these:

On 1/6/2021 at 5:08 PM, sakura_sk said:


*bare in mind it was early Early Access, before bigger rocket engines where introduced. Also, there is a possibility they lasted so long (26 cycles) because they were gasping most of the time :|


In my latest playthrough I used a steam engine (the slowest of the slow engines..) and traveled to a 3 tile long journey (6 tiles for round trip, 15 cycles) while doing orbital research on the way.
1083817406_steamenginec221.JPG.21a2fe4f99f0618fa76b389f2c025796.JPG 591233249_steamenginec222inflight.thumb.JPG.6caaeb395c492c3861774763fce5d4f7.JPG


Although it turned out it would be better if I had that 2t water of the previous design and at the very end I even had to use that little algae of the terrarium but Lindsay made it back.

630810273_steamenginec229returning.thumb.JPG.50e00fb27fdb4eb83888069981c63e9f.JPG 477292105_steamenginec239whatisleft.JPG.38d7dfa2dabffd078717044e02af4db9.JPG


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I find that the easiest way is to place the algae terrarium in to a rocket. If one let's the dupes enter the rocket and refill its needs, then after time there will be 5-500kg/tile oxygen inside. One can put lots of ice in to a storage bin and freeze the rocket cone+throw food inside...and Bob's your uncle :eagerness:

That's 2 buildings, anything else is comfort and extra fun :apple:

Throwing 40 dupes in to a cone to pop out at some fresh asteroid is claustrophobic rocket fun, it's so funny...Like the muppet bus :confused: Half of them died in pee and from suffocation in the rocket. I do that when I need to get rid of too many dupes, fresh cannon fodder. First placed buildings after landing on a new asteroid: 20 graves.

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