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Charcoal from lumber - filtration medium, coal substitute.

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We should be able to get charcoal from lumber, or use lumber in the kiln directly. Charcoal would come from the kiln. Could also be a recipe ingredient in graphite via the molecular forge ( rather than refined carbon for instance ).

Wood or charcoal burning stove for heat or cooking ( limited recipes ) perhaps?

Charcoal as a filtration medium might produce dirt rather than polluted dirt ( although interpretation may vary on this ). This would substitute sand in the filtration medium devices. So, a deodorizer might produce dirt instead of clay when using charcoal. A similar treatment could be given to the water sieve... although implementing this as an option would be awkward.

I think charcoal oriented filtration could be a very low power or low flow passive building altogether. Maybe both, powering increases rate of filtration? 

This could also be a variable filtrate converter, ie. Introduce very minimal liquid to solid element chemistries. Polluted water and charcoal in water and dirt out, low power. Or brine in and charcoal in, salt water and salt out.

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That might be too many types of carbon already. Coal, refined carbon, graphite, fulerene, diamond. I think it should go straight to refined carbon and that should get a special filtering structure that uses it (maybe one that removes germs for liquids or solids).

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