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Klei will never fix Singleplayer DS bugs?

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So many several years old bugs in single version of DS in Vanilla DS, Shipwrecked, RoG and almost none them have been fixed!
I tried to contribute and posted 4 bugs that have broken the game (quality of life update from 2019 Jan)  and not single reply from Klei mods, not even smallest attention by saying "yes we are aware of this, but currently we fixing other issues in the game".
WHAT GIVES? 1+ year has past and now all my bug threads have been locked since they think it's outdated, but the fact none of them have been fixed. One is completely deleted with no information what happen to it what so ever.

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5 hours ago, Aeglefire said:

What kind of bugs? Can you link to them?

Thermal stone don't work properly, muffled sounds, fatal teleporting seasonal bosses bugs if you try to run away (Dragonfly for example will end your game world since there no away to escape her, even if you use wormhole or telelocator staff), muffled sounds and music during winter and Summer, divining rod missing last lvl detection warning.

And there is other bugs which I haven't posted, but are still present in game for years: Broken Ice Flingomatic will not help your plants from withering during summer/dry season, game crash after you leave volcano or caves,  desynchronised time between caves/volcano and surface, chance of getting your game stuck at very dim after and super dark after leaving caves, Lureplant crash the game if eyes pick item during lure plant death animation (no such thing in DST), No ballfins in almost every single Ballfins palace and plenty of other bugs

here is links:


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Klei will, it's just a matter of time :D.

For now you can use the mods mentioned in the topic below \/ especially the first one if you are concerned about bugs rather than balances.



...Love the Gorge 

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