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  1. Adding Poise system to player: Able to swing at your enemies while getting hit. Getting stunlocked by mob of monsters is no fun or fair when you play alone or/and if you are not character which designed to counter minion spam (looking at wendy mains)
  2. Crafting tabs to pins, so I can quickly get access to specific crafting section (magic, weapons, survival, structures and etc.)
  3. why should I fill every single pin with recipes that used to be so easily accessible from old craft system? All my pings are filled up and I still having issues finding things I need. Not to mention I have to scroll between 10 different pins, which takes so much more time and often I forget where that item is in my pins. And there is still left dozens of items unchecked. It's absolute horrible mess!
  4. no im not. Most people in game agrees that new craft system is bad and need rework ability to craft required ingredients can be easily added to old craft system and for Scrolling you can just add second column - doubling displayed items on scroll bar. Easy and simple fix for Klei to do.
  5. No mods? Maybe something is broken in my game. But it's only one of many issues that still remain
  6. You could done that in old one too. Thats not the issue. The problem is the new crafting UI itself
  7. I need icon UI size adjustment, not make crafting window make even bigger and take even more space of game screen In old crafting menu you drag your mouse on crafting tab that you need and click on item you want. In new one you drag your mouse and click on main crafting on top left, drag your mouse to find and click on crafting tab, double click on item you want. That's 3(4) clicks AND you need keep moving your mouse between all these crafting windows that pop out in different spots. While on old menu you only need click on crafting tab you need (which already displayed) and pick item from that crafting tab = 2 clicks. Scrolling down on old crafting menu if items isn't on top isn't much issue and doesn't require additional crafting window pop-outs that takes so much game screen. The game remember where you scroll down and wont reset position (telling you this just in case if you bring straw man argument about scrolling down pillar type item list) There is no option to change skin in fav tab that I know of. Scrolling in there doesn't work. Only from main menu craft before adding it to fav tab, but from there out - it will be permanent that skin until you replace by deleting it and adding it again
  8. There is so much issues with flaws with it: 1) icons are too small 2) crafting window takes too much game screen space 3) It takes 3 times longer to craft for me something with amount clicks it required. 4) favouring some crafts can be useful, but not when I making a lot of different crafts, which required again a lot of clicks 5) You can't fav crafting tabs, which is more convenient than favouring each and individual item separately 6) You can't change skins in fav tabs, so you are forced go back main menu craft to adjust it 7) I don't want to craft at all because how tedious, time consuming this new crafting system is. The only positive thing about it is that character craft required materials for craft automatically. Everything else is just frustration
  9. I went to caves late autumn and took 2 fur rolls in order to heal, sanity restore and restore my temperature when winter comes, but guess what: It's winter, Im freezing to death, because fur roll doesn't do it's job. And yes I tried before I was wet with same result. This was on Klei official server which has no server mods.