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A list of possible "space" technologies which could be cool

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I am talking about this in a simple sense, but it could fill out some space tech science trees.

-- What about a space toilet? It could be based on suction and compression (with internal storage and maybe even a new material or just use the polluted mud to keep some earlier tech relevant) or maybe it could be unceremoniously "dumped" into space for humor.

-- For oxygen perhaps there could be a small pressurized tank that has an adjustable flow rate  . . . or even a module that stores oxygen for the crew with an interior pipe or placeable vent in the interior.

-- For food perhaps a tech after canning (freeze drying maybe) that compresses the calories from food into smaller packets and have MUCH longer periods of freshness (so as to not require cooling) for space travel and operations, such as establishing a new colony.

-- Decoration and morale are a bit tricky in space too. Maybe there could be spacecraft specific decor items . . . like a window . . . or glass terrarium domes for plants that could even hold sporechids in particular, or dupes who enjoy a particular line of work (for just going to space) might simply have a mood buff.

-- Sleeping arrangements could even have a potential tech where it takes up less space as well. Like a two tile vertical bed maybe?

-- I don't have an idea for energy other then to have something "built in" to the space vehicle itself where is uses it's fuel source to produce power, but could also be a module. In either case it would have an interior wire connection or outlet.

-- Something that I think was mentioned before, but I will reiterate would be ways of building space stations (in space only) and creating space-based manufacturing.

-- Maybe even having a potential for being able to capture small asteroids with specialized tech, for processing in space (which would be really cool and could open the door for derelect / ruins exploration and salvaging operations as well as exposing the dupes to new dangers such as hull breeches, leaking radiation or fuel, ect; that would require space walks to repair on their own station or for repairing the ruins for use.)

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A space toilet is badly needed. Maybe a smaller hand wash station (i`m thinking they should shrink the hand sanitizer, it`s perfect for space).

A life support module with the necessities for survival could be nice. Lately i was thinking about a gas and liquid storage build into the command module. Just make it visually outside the cabin but with being able to connect a pipe. It would hold enough oxygen for a few cycles. Anyway the interior fitings should have a build in filter or filters need to be buildable into walls to be more usable. I`d also like an eject vent allowing to dump unwanted liquid and gas into space.

As for food i think pickeld meal and grubfruit preserve stay fresh long enough for early travels. After that berry sludge is the way to go.

As for power the engines provide enough for the most part imo. You don`t really need that much power in space.

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I like a lot of these ideas. A rocket toilet feels like a necessity; having outhouses in a rocket is very strange and ATM it's hard to say a lavatory would be worth adding to a rocket, considering it would take a module slot for water/polluted water storage, two tiles for the liquid input/output fittings and power to make the output fitting work.
As for the germ issue, what if there was a hand sanitizer item? A bottle like the ones we have in the real world, it could work as a Medicine item (like the curative tablet) that gets used by a duplicant when they have germs on them. Thus, if stored next to the spaceship's toilet, it should allow the dupes to keep their command module clean. We would need a way of properly choosing certain consumables to only be allowed for dupes in rocket interiors, though; I don't want dupes stealing food from the colony's rockets to go eat in the mess hall.

I'm not sure if we need food preservation technology; I do think it'd be cool, but we have multiple foods in the game that have a long spoilage time that I feel are supposed to be used for space travel. I always store Grubfruit Preserve (or Pickled Meals from developing colonies) in my rockets. I have not ever bothered making Berry Sludge, but it lasts forever, is calorie dense (4000kcal for 1kg), has decent quality (+3) and never spoils, so I can see it being the best space food if the extra morale from Grubfruit Preserve is not needed. I would not mind such an addition, though.

For morale, I do think it'd be neat to have some morale improving buildings. I haven't had any issues with morale, personally, because Grubfruit Preserve gives a lot of morale and Carpet Tile increases decor significantly and provides a -15% stress/cycle buff for dupes on it, which I make use of by building the rocket's Command Center on top of it (thank God you can deconstruct it now)

For energy, I was thinking some solar panel module - It could be much weaker than regular solar panels (maybe only 60W or 120W?) so it can allow certain machines (like output fittings) to work on rockets without an energy-producing engine (like Radbolt).
Alternatively, an idea I had some time ago is to create "battery" items as a form of energy storage - they would take metal or something to make (queued similarly to glass from the glass forge) and can be delivered to a specific building (hopefully a small one that can fit into a rocket more easily) to offer energy storage that comes with a secondary cost.

And lastly, I would love for stuff like space stations or small asteroids to fill the empty tiles in the Starmap.

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4 hours ago, Electroely said:

As for the germ issue, what if there was a hand sanitizer item?

We already have a hand sanitizer building that`s unsing bleach stone. The issue is that it`s the size of a wash basin. I suggested shrinking it so that it works better in space modules.

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51 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

We already have a hand sanitizer building that`s unsing bleach stone. The issue is that it`s the size of a wash basin. I suggested shrinking it so that it works better in space modules.

Yeah, I know about the hand sanitizer building, but I was thinking of a different kind of hand sanitizer. 

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