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A few ideas about Walter's Slingshot

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Since I saw another post talking about Walter I want to show my ideas.
The most part of debates are for the slingshot, if it's bad, if it's just a tool, or just slow.
  • Make the slingshot fastest when Walter ride Woby, from 2 seconds to 1 second or 1.5 seconds. I think is good enough and make sense, and remember that she will buck Walter off if she receives damage, putting Walter in danger, so I think is balanced.
About his ammo maybe it needs a little changes as:
  • "Poop Pellets" put enemies in panic for a few seconds. Like "Startling soliloquy" of Wigfrid but one by one instead of an area effect.
  • "Slow-Down Rounds" slow the next attack of the enemy.

And please Beefalos don't run away when dismounting them. Make Woby do the same please.

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