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Wilson's exclusive mad scientist lab / Woby skins

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I was thinking on the lore of don't starve, Wilson is known as the gentleman scientist, this means in the past he made lots of experiments, good and bads, but he wants to be the most powerfull scientist even if he was bad at science, that's why he was desperated to recieve that secret knowledge of Maxwell even if this means to be trapped in the constant forever, he knew how to build the portal of the constant because Maxwell share that knowledge, with that said, i was thinking if every character enters in the constant with some knowledge of Maxwell or Charlie or his own knowledge of their past... well im not sure, but what im sure is, Wilson it's not called a scientist gentleman for nothing, he had a beard and that's it... but he really needs to show to everyone in the constant who is he... i think he could make that happen if the scientist mad lab appear as a exclusive science build that only Wilson could make, this will make his nick name (Gentleman scientist) true and a good addition to the game as a rework... a man of science is nothing without his lab and beard...

And for last, i'll really love skins of Woby connected with Walter's head skins or separated, different skins, different equipment, different model as small and big Woby, i love that puppy...




images (84).jpeg


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