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Interstellar research

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Hi I've played ONI since start of EA and i played it for more than 1000 hours. I think the requirement to put a research lab inside a rocket is a fun challange, for a veteran. However for as entry level for interstellar science, this is a big reach.




The goal is to build the lab inside a rocket, have it powered and supplied in a sustainable manner so it does not run out of resources or breaks.

To achieve this using the big section for the rocket is advisable. BUT

To get the roomy section for rocket you need interstellar science. So we have to do it with the small one.



We need to prepare it by charging a battery, teaching crew all the relevant skills, piloting and researching.

But wait the module wants plastic to operate so we gonna need to bring that too.


Oh no the battery is starting to break becasue its insulated by vacuum. So we need to fill up the rocket with a gas to delay that process too. Preferably a pre-cooled one aswell.

Then we just need to launch it and get the science done... EASY. Well, maybe for a veteran, but as entry level for interstellar science, its a big ask. If im Blind and missed how to do this in an easier way. Please correct me <3

Also Also. when you try to do interstellar research the game actually tells you to build the module that is from the research that OP showed.

Anyway. This is all in good spirit of conversation. I think we all just want the best game here. I think OP is correct, and i simply think that the devs made a small oversight on this one.



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On 3/14/2021 at 10:49 PM, Gnu89 said:

if im Blind and missed how to do this in an easier way. Please correct me

Build a battery module onto the rocket.   You can charge it up off your regular grid, and run the command module in a vacuum like that.   Or send a second dupe that will run on the wheel and power the station directly.   Not as efficient as just using the battery module, but way less heat issues.

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First time playing since initial alpha release.  I use xor/memory toggles for non-cyclical timers and fill/drain ops, and I find gating these behind interstellar research is absolutely unnecessary.  I've not even breached the surface yet and I have to be space faring just to acquire time-saving logic gates?

...And interstellar research for dupe checkpoints and signal counters is just plain stupid.

These need to be moved out of the interstellar requirement, but separate and apart from Advanced Automation.

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