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  1. Nice to see this change but I'm guessing this is to address the lack of any source of pips off a classic style terra start? Can you speak to whether you guys have plans to add biological resources to the space POI fields? This change means pips from space might not be necessary, but the issue of not being able to get voles (if only for the achievement) off of the spaced out style starts would still remain.
  2. Perhaps I'm missing some past context, but how much have you played with the rockets lately? Once you get on petrol rockets with more room for modules, the way the modules work with loaders/unloaders and the various fittings remove the majority of those headaches. You 100% can automate the process such that a rocket lands, empties it's polluted water and refills with clean water. Like wise for o2 and co2. You could also set something up for food, but that one is probably more easily done manually. Deconstructing to get rid of waste is unnecessary. Typically when I stop putting skills onto my dupes they need around 25 morale +/-. Carpet tiles in a rocket covers 12morale pretty easily, not hard to get a great hall, and at least a bedroom or bath in there for another easy 7+ morale. Then good food can make up the difference rather easily for even the pickiest dupe. And the livable space inside is useful, when you start landing on further out planets sometimes it much easier to just live out of the rocket while you setup the basics on the planet.
  3. If you're considering living out of the rocket when first colonizing a new planet, it can also work as a failsafe especially as you a buddy bud in there. If a dupe starts getting stressed you can always give them some time in bed and the increased decor + tickled footsies should go a long way to resetting their stress levels (could also temporarily replace the bed with a massage table). One note, the solid tile under the table ma create a co2 trap on its right side, You might be better off switching the air tile step with a carpet (co2 would quickly fall to either side anyways), and then putting the table on the floor. If you build a ladder above the table dupes will still be able to climb up.
  4. Might do well to offer some specifics... that paragraph paraphrased sounds like, there's a bunch of interesting things to build, but don't get built for the heat they'd generate, so you build the heat control stuff, but by then you don't want to build all the interesting things? This is where the argument loses ground I think. IMO it's important to ask is this a game specific thing or a player specific thing? There are other alternatives to the stuff you're talking about there. You definitely do not need an aquatuner to handle a hydrogen, with some creativity you could probably avoid a steam turbine. Natural gas I think most people don't cool at all. Steam vents will typically employ a AQ/ST setup but I've seen so many variations on how to handle those. Electrolysis, I'm not sure that I've ever used a AQ/ST to handle that, or wheezeworts for that matter. And this one in particular is made better/easier with the DLC b/c you're much more likely to have a cool water geyser that can be used to chill the outgoing o2. In short I've seen this multiple times where people think there's only 1 answer to the challenges the game presents, and then don't like the box they've put themselves in. Again specifics would be appreciated. Offhand I've seen this from people complaining about stuff like the nerf/fix to food storage and it seems like an argument contrary to the argument they claim to make. Example: If you consider food storage changes as one of these added difficulty changes, how does comport with your complaint about a bunch of neat buildings never getting used? Prior to the change how many times have you seen thermo regulators used as an example? B/c they look a hell of a lot more common now. Likewise, I never powered a fridge prior to that patch, now I'd 100% power one fridge fed from a metered line coming from a dedicated freezer room. There was a thread on the ONI reddit the other day where a player was complaining about liquid locks saying, "They take so much effort to set up for something that should be in the game already", and then argued with every other reply saying liquid locks aren't challenging, and what they wanted was more ways to play the game when the only solution they offered was a solution that would trivialize a plethora of alternative solutions that were put up by other players. I'm sorry, but this just reminds me too much of that.
  5. Something I'll never understand with a lot of these designs is the over use of air/mesh tiles and under use of carpet tiles. Broken out that's +10 from room bonuses and +3 from decor. That means there's another +9 morale that could be easily had from decor. One granite carpet tile is +26 decor over 4 tiles. So given a floor of 9 granite carpet tiles, decor maxes out at +234 decor at the centre (+130 when standing on top a flat surface). You could replace all but that 1 airflow tile under the bin at left (take out the one under the table and just put a ladder section above the table), and probably hit +120decor super easily.
  6. For the classic start, the 3rd and 2nd asteroid were combined into one, but it looks like forest biomes were excluded.. so no pips and the only other potential source for an arbor tree is the one that can spawn on the water world. Truly though, short of putting forest biomes back into the mix on the warp planet (classic start), I think the fix to this should be making biological sources available from the space POIs. It'd be nice to source more seeds for wheeze worts, and beyond the pips off a classic start, not having access to voles off of the other starts is a roadblock to the critter whisperer achievement.
  7. Further to @Sasza22's point, pretty sure there's an achievement that relies on pips being available to be tamed. And even in the original game where you definitely had different maps with different materials available to your start, you typically could get everything that was missing from space.
  8. Yeah, was just playing with this earlier. Don't have my notes handy but iirc, the rad output scales with with density. It has output at the occupied tile and extends out a further 2 tiles losing ~33% of its rads/tile. Think the rad output looked pretty linear -- like ever 2000kg of waste put out another 20-25 rads (iirc) in the 4 adjacent tiles. Solid and liquid waste had the same rad output. Not sure what rate of waste production you get at the reactor, or if there's a quicker source for waste, but ultimately trying to figure out the feasibility of freezing high mass tiles of waste to make self radiating natural tiles.
  9. You could probably squeeze out an amazing QoL patch by going through all the buildings that would benefit from having their automation controlled by the threshold slider. Any radbolt consumers Smart bins Fridges Fuel tanks/rocket thrusters
  10. That sounds like the usual for the DLC. Guaranteed minor volcanos in the Badlands biome of starter planet have 3 tiles of neutronium, minor volcanoes that spawn as random volcanos elsewhere have 4. Gold/aluminum definitely had 5 (had that bite be before), wouldn't be surprised if the guaranteed iron was the same. And Tungsten volcanos have an odd double layer one. I assumed the oil reservoirs didn't to offer more flexibility, in case you wanted to put mesh tiles there for example
  11. As an alternative to the doubling of fuel modules (or launching fuel) try building a liquid cargo tank (I use a small), and store the extra fuel in there. The extra oxidizer can be stored in a bin in the spacefarer. Once you've landed and set up a platform, attach to it a liquid unloader port, filtered for petroleum in this case. Power it with a solar gen and you can run the output right back to your gas tank to automatically refill for the trip home. Or if you've brought extra you can build some reservoirs to create a gas station on the new planet. Just need to remember to always load the extra fuel/oxidizer if not creating a stockpile on the new planets. But that could be automated pretty easily. Fuel line towards rocket, two metered valves branch off up feeding a line to fuel tanks, 2 metered valves branch off down to a line that feeds a loader. Set valves for 450 each means 900kg petrol to the gas tank, and 900kg to the cargo (but I guess you need to make sure theres always room as well).
  12. Oxygen Rich Asteroid Field looks like 40% Ice 40% water 20% polluted oxygen Missing from your list is Satellite Asteroid Field (Steel; Copper; Glass), they're currently invisible but do exist. Looks like it's 10% Steel; 67% Copper & 23% Glass
  13. These were the ones I could spot on my first map Anyone spot any different ones? Other info, there's no notes about regen rates for the materials (just current mass), but it does seem to be regening. Also, a quick flight to the sand ore field pulled back different amounts of the available elements so I'm guessing there are % amounts to the different elements similar to vanilla. Extraction rate at the first poi was 7.5kg/s iirc.
  14. Thank you so much! @RoboPhred At where I'm at in my current game I've needed the editor less, but from what I have edited post last patch & your update, so far so good. Some other notes: The ability to override the save version protection would be great. If in the case of an override you could add a suffix to the filename of the edited save file that gets downloaded, that might add a layer of protection since people would be less likely to overwrite their original. But in a worst case scenario there's always the autosaves to fall back to. I've been able to edit in DLC traits using the raw editor - I get why they're not available in the dupe editor tab, but for now the raw editor path has worked well enough for me. Would it be of any benefit to post a list of the traits (editor names vs in game names)? I could gather that up if it helps. The one other thing I've had trouble with is geyser editing. Example, on the new forest start, the 3rd planet has 2 cobalt volcanoes instead of 2 aluminum. I wanted to change one cobalt back to an aluminum, but within the geysers tab, the new geysers aren't available in the drop down menu --presumably for the same reason the traits aren't available in the dupe tab. I'm not entirely sure how to edit this within the raw editor - there is an editable hash under behvaviors/geyser/templatedata/configuration/typeID, playing with that value, this is what I've found so far (starting with a slimey po2 vent): Until you're able to detect the DLC and enable features dependent on that, is it possible to either have a value within the raw editor that would let you make the full change on a geyser (ex: GeyserGeneric_slimy_po2 to GeyserGeneric_molten_niobium) OR within the geyser tab, would it be possible to have an option to write in the new geyser name (presumably "molten_niobium" in this cases example)? The ideal being to have the effect of fully changing the geyser (output, appearance, and making the appropriate changes to game objects). Other than the geyser thing, the smaller things that come to mind are: The DLC classic start seems to be missing the availability of pips and arbor acorns. Offhand, is there a way to mark these as discovered so they can be made available via the printer? Alternatively, is there a value that can be edited to easily change an egg or seed type? It looks like you can edit a mutant plants mutation type within the raw editor, but I didn't see anything similar for doing that at the seed level?