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  1. Why didn't pokeshells previously share any food items? Was it b/c they're just shellfish? Also, if you're looking to expand the uses of nosh beans, but don't introduce a recipe for a poke bowl, using crabmeat from from Pokes (nosh beans could be there as an edamame equivalent), that'd seem like a real missed opportunity.
  2. Game crashes every time I click the change crew button -- anyone else getting this? Any short term ways to get a crew member off the list? Disallowing access via door just left the rocket waiting. You posted just as I was typing up regarding the same problem
  3. Nice to see this change but I'm guessing this is to address the lack of any source of pips off a classic style terra start? Can you speak to whether you guys have plans to add biological resources to the space POI fields? This change means pips from space might not be necessary, but the issue of not being able to get voles (if only for the achievement) off of the spaced out style starts would still remain.
  4. For the classic start, the 3rd and 2nd asteroid were combined into one, but it looks like forest biomes were excluded.. so no pips and the only other potential source for an arbor tree is the one that can spawn on the water world. Truly though, short of putting forest biomes back into the mix on the warp planet (classic start), I think the fix to this should be making biological sources available from the space POIs. It'd be nice to source more seeds for wheeze worts, and beyond the pips off a classic start, not having access to voles off of the other starts is a roadblock to the critter whisperer achievement.
  5. That sounds like the usual for the DLC. Guaranteed minor volcanos in the Badlands biome of starter planet have 3 tiles of neutronium, minor volcanoes that spawn as random volcanos elsewhere have 4. Gold/aluminum definitely had 5 (had that bite be before), wouldn't be surprised if the guaranteed iron was the same. And Tungsten volcanos have an odd double layer one. I assumed the oil reservoirs didn't to offer more flexibility, in case you wanted to put mesh tiles there for example
  6. These were the ones I could spot on my first map Anyone spot any different ones? Other info, there's no notes about regen rates for the materials (just current mass), but it does seem to be regening. Also, a quick flight to the sand ore field pulled back different amounts of the available elements so I'm guessing there are % amounts to the different elements similar to vanilla. Extraction rate at the first poi was 7.5kg/s iirc.
  7. @Ipsquiggle It looks like solar radiation tapers off more (down to zero) below the surface/transparent tile, I'm guessing that might be by design. But it also looks like pre/post this patch (or possibly a previous test patch), the lux from the solar light also tapers off to nothing, I'm guessing that might have been tied to the way rads taper off but can't tell if that was intended or not. Seemed like an odd thing to change
  8. I often used a timer sensor tied to a shut off for metered distribution of water or gas (ex: for making drecko ranches it helped to create ratios of hydrogen to co2 for just a layer that you could grow crops in). I could see these replacing that setup. Sounds great for diverting small amounts of material for fabrication too. Green signal from an empty weight plate to valve lets through another 2000kg of gold to the metal refinery setup? Separate thing: Anyone else having trouble with instant crash on game startup / mod capability? Seems Blueprints, Pliers and Sweep by type are all causing blackholes. Perhaps something to do with the icon changes?
  9. This could be useful but since the platforms are now "solid" it means you can't stack rockets in a tall silo anymore. In horizontal setups you guys did a great job in making it so platforms link together so ports can feed multiple platforms (made even better by the filters you just put in). That seems to promote building a bunch of platforms in series connected to a set of loading and unloading ports all linked together. The problem then comes up that linked platforms leave no room between them for a gantry to work. Would it be possible to make a spacer building that maintained a link between platforms (or ports) but would let you build out the space between all these buildings? Ex: take a port building, remove it's functionality, but keep its behaviour, and reduce it's size to 1wide x 2 tall. That would let you build out the space between platforms (or ports) as you see fit.
  10. Two of the achievements requires taming moos. The fact that they widened the planet should also make a moo farm more practical (more sunlight exposure for grass) if you want to use that to get natural gas (though sour gas boiler would be the better source).
  11. @Ipsquiggle When doing a classic start, it seems like the Irradiated planet is completely lacking gold & aluminum volcanoes - Is that intended? I get there's more raw ore to refine on the classic planet, but aluminum would still be limited due to a lack of forest biome and gold is used in a couple of recipes, so being non-replenishable could be a long term problem.
  12. It's worded it a bit oddly, but I think it's in line with what you're thinking. Didn't see a way of making a table but it goes like this now: Starting: Terra | Swamp | Forest Warp: Swamp | Terra | Terra Rocket: Forest | Forest | Swamp From what I saw, when you start on a forest cluster, Cobalt volcanoes replace the Aluminum ones on the rocket planet, which is now an irradiated swamp.
  13. It's not been officially introduced, but since the alpha back in December there were two buildings related to the temporal tear introduced with the DLC IIRC. I think both are still spawnable via dev tools.