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  1. Prior to the 11/23 patch, my plug slugs would sleep in 3-tile high rooms, but now they cycle between sleep/awake and never charge batteries at night. After making the room 4-tiles high, they began to sleep on the ceiling at night.
  2. If you have a stable food supply and sufficient algae resources, you will not have issues. But if a ravenous Terra colony is desperate for food and you don't wish to be dependent upon RNG seed drops....
  3. Yes, but only after breaking through the granite and into a convenient nearby jungle biome. A ravenous colony can easily die without the latter.
  4. Yeah, an obvious brain fart from an all day long session. It's also one of only two new starting tech devices to add to the confusion. Thanks guys.
  5. They will only eat from the feeder every other cycle. Each feast is ~125g when wild, so the value shown has been rounded up from 0.25K per cycle when tame and one seed is good for 4 cycles. Regardless of the amount fed, hunger is always set to occur at a given kcal count. OK, but that still means it will take 36 cycles before a tame pacu egg is laid vs 7 cycles with algae. That's a lot of dead ravenous Terra colonies. I've edited my last statement.
  6. It's no longer in the research tree and there is no mention of its removal in the Game Updates page.
  7. I had considered the map without geysers to be a hard mode variant, but I thought it odd I wouldn't have a water source in order to maintain a stable base in the first alpha release. I've begun a new colony and did get a cool slush geyser this time. I also noticed the entire starmap is now available, so they've updated the build since the last one. Anyhow, I passed along my thoughts to Klei. Nice to know there have been other instances of the geyser-less maps, so thanks for the reply.
  8. World gens without a geyser on the starting asteroid can occur. I find that this handicaps the player during the early game because I must think about global sustainability, which, as has been pointed out to me in another post, is not the goal of the alpha. Please consider updating the build to avoid these types of world gens.
  9. If feedback on early and mid game content is the purpose of the alpha, handicapping an asteroid where you must either move the colony or be dependent upon rocket cargo for water during mid-game seems to be a poor choice. I'll let them know.
  10. I've been playing for well over 50 cycles now, and have realized I have no geysers on my starting colony. I'm never too concerned for water when the home biome is flooded with it. But now that I've explored what this tiny little rock has to offer, the lack of any water geyser completely kills plans for a long term base. I'm thinking I've rolled a bugged world gen, but I'd like to know if anyone else has encountered this before submitting a report.
  11. As alluring as the idea of taming your colony's first pacu with seeds sounds, you'll never get your pacu tame before it lays its egg. Klei has intentionally nerfed the feeding to once per two cycles, which nets only a 10% reduction in wildness. I noticed something "fishy" right off the bat when the pacu only fed for the second time at age 7, so I spent the next hour determining their feeding schedule. Once I determined the schedule, I only had to do the math to see by age 21 it would still be 30% wild. All tolled, it takes 2 generations and 41 cycles to taste that first tame pacu using only seeds. You can, however, ramp up fish farm production using seeds without decimating your algae resources. One simply must use algae in order to quickly get that first domesticated pacu and save a ravenous Terra colony.
  12. Playing with ravenous food consumption difficulty. I have three dupes for 6K kcal/cycle but the food diag is displaying 3K kcal/cycle.
  13. After breaching into the teleportal room, crude oil began leaking from the teleportal. Since the destination was above (but not within) an oil biome, I'm not sure if this is intended behavior. Anyone else get resource leakage at the teleportal as a clue to the destination biome type?
  14. Traits need to have a condition check so that both positive and negative do not appear at the same time, where the effects cancel each other out. Here, Bubbles has both pos/neg Creativity traits.