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  1. Changes made to the usage of the Orbital Data Collection lab and Virtual Planetarium have not been reflected in the skill tree. IIRC, the ODC lab had initially been a 3rd tier research skill and used to acquire research progress points. This has now dropped to the Astronomy skill (2nd tier) which only lists telescope usage, and is still shown as the 3rd tier building requirement. No red status message is shown when a scientist does not have the Astronomy skill (as tested in Spacefarer module). The VP is unlocked for use by the Data Analysis Research skill (3rd tier), but has not been updated in the skill tree. A red status message is shown if no scientist with the DAR skill is available and a VP has been built. This caused confusion for me since it still lists the ODC lab as the unlocked building, although my scientist was happily pushing components and generating data banks.
  2. Confirming this is still a bug after the Buff and Shine update. Becomes problematic when farm tiles are part of ranching room for grub grub and sweetle.
  3. Nah, been a request since February and it's a one line solution. Klei's reacted to more complex issues in less time, so they were way, way, way too slow.
  4. Yay! My one and only mod is now obsolete?! Hmm, the cognizant dissonance is strong with this one. Still, thanks for listening!
  5. Possibly, packets are only deducted from the source (output port) and only resupplied when reduced to 0 volume. In my scenario, flow must stop to obtain a <10kg packet in the flow line. Since there are no steps to repro in his post, I can't say what caused the small packet. It does not look like flow stops since his reservoir is sufficiently full to maintain flow.
  6. In attempting to remove excess liquid from a reservoir, I am unable to achieve the correct value in the reservoir. There is 58kg of liquid I wish to remove to get an exact quantity of 2500kg in a reservoir, which will be utilized as the high threshold in automation. Regardless of whether the output pipe is primed or not (in which case there is 68kg to remove), I am always left with the incorrect amount shown in the reservoir. It seems the reservoir is bugged, as it will not replace the last <10kg packet taken by the meter valve. As seen here, there is a 2kg packet in the reservoir's output pipe as it displays 2508kg volume and persists upon save/load. This histeresis breaks any finely tuned automation for volumes that are not evenly divisible by 10.
  7. Had two pufts in the teleporter room, and P.O2 persisted over tens of cycles. I see the vent at the bottom, but these new doors should at least block liquids.
  8. Well, I did what I said I wouldn't do and started digging through code. I've only had it decompiled for a few days, so I'm still familiarizing myself to their coding structure. Regardless, I think I found what I'm looking for. STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS lists (nearly) every action/interaction a dupe performs but has nothing about piloting nor rockets this.Astronauting1 = this.AddSkill(new Skill(nameof (Astronauting1), (string) DUPLICANTS.ROLES.USELESSSKILL.NAME, (string) DUPLICANTS.ROLES.USELESSSKILL.DESCRIPTION, "EXPANSION1_ID", 3, "hat_role_astronaut1", "skillbadge_role_astronaut1", Db.Get().SkillGroups.Suits.Id, new List<SkillPerk>() this.Astronauting2 = this.AddSkill(new Skill(nameof (Astronauting2), (string) DUPLICANTS.ROLES.USELESSSKILL.NAME, (string) DUPLICANTS.ROLES.USELESSSKILL.DESCRIPTION, "EXPANSION1_ID", 4, "hat_role_astronaut2", "skillbadge_role_astronaut2", Db.Get().SkillGroups.Suits.Id, new List<SkillPerk>() public class USELESSSKILL { public static LocString NAME = (LocString) "W.I.P. Skill"; public static LocString DESCRIPTION = (LocString) "This skill doesn't really do anything right now."; }
  9. Ten months since alpha release and this is still not addressed. Seems to me this skill has never been implemented. Prove me wrong, Klei. I don't want to dig through your code.
  10. My new world did not properly apply the New Hope attribute to 2 of 3 dupes. This is usually important to have on the swamp cluster since P.H2O must be displaced to lower areas to start base building without stressing them in the early cycles. In recreating this seed for testing, the bug did not reappear, nor in a entirely different seed. Apparently this has been a bug since alpha release. Please fix.
  11. Plant with Autoharvest disabled gets harvested regardless of setting.
  12. Wow, two years later and this is still a bug? With the Spaced Out DLC it would really be nice to use _cold_ water in the oil biome after desalinating brine. Surely this is an easy fix.
  13. Small quantities of water, typically from gulp fish, have a bad tendency to create a liquid tile at the top of a slush pool instead of freezing. It seems to be entirely random chance whether or not the water will phase change to ice and drop as a resource. The attached screen is the result of two cycles (from an initial state being a "pure" slush pool with no overflow conditions) and is now a micromanagement issue due to the displacement caused by lack of phase change. Additionally, when a save file is loaded, these trapped water tiles get converted to full ice tiles instead of dropping as an ice resource, indicating to me there is a bug in the phase change interaction associated with the creation of resources (and possibly vacuums). This bug has been outstanding since before the full release of ONI, and it's one of my pet peeves since i prefer to keep gulp fish around for food. If you could please take time to resolve this issue, I would be most appreciative.
  14. Well, my wild slugs have access to tons of cobalt at all times and do not have the hungry status. The thread linked does not show 80W output for any level of kcal in the power gen table. What seems to be happening in my case are happy slugs obtaining the "unhappy" status effect for 80% penalty to full output (400x0.2=80). If I save and reload all slugs have 400W output.