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  1. @Ipsquiggle It looks like solar radiation tapers off more (down to zero) below the surface/transparent tile, I'm guessing that might be by design. But it also looks like pre/post this patch (or possibly a previous test patch), the lux from the solar light also tapers off to nothing, I'm guessing that might have been tied to the way rads taper off but can't tell if that was intended or not. Seemed like an odd thing to change
  2. I often used a timer sensor tied to a shut off for metered distribution of water or gas (ex: for making drecko ranches it helped to create ratios of hydrogen to co2 for just a layer that you could grow crops in). I could see these replacing that setup. Sounds great for diverting small amounts of material for fabrication too. Green signal from an empty weight plate to valve lets through another 2000kg of gold to the metal refinery setup? Separate thing: Anyone else having trouble with instant crash on game startup / mod capability? Seems Blueprints, Pliers and Sweep by type are all causing blackholes. Perhaps something to do with the icon changes?
  3. from @pether in the game update thread. This begs the question though, how to best sustain constant & controlled high radiation levels? Tried an infinite rad bolt set up to blast bolts through a liquid medium (figured it'd be hold the contaminants better - used water in this case w/ gel as a backstop), and a sensor to stop/start the bolts as rads approached 500. It worked but took a while to get up to speed, and radiation actually fell off pretty quickly when the bolts stopped. Is there a better way to maintain radiation via contaminates? It seemed less consistent in a gas (o2), but I'm not super familiar with all the nuclear ingredients/by products and their characteristics - if there'd be another option there? Considered rails, tiles or tempshifts, but debris seemed to not radiate at all, and tiles/plates had none or too little of output to be useful. Another disadvantage is there'd be no chance of using worms to speed up growth, and though I run the scaffolding mod which makes it easier, there's always the risk of the dupe getting knocked out via the bolts. Wondering if anyone else found some better ways to push that 500 rads limit? And some extra data: After like 15 cycles or so ended up with the following: Total # of seeds: 86 -- Original: 67 (78%) Mutants 19 (22%) Mutant Distribution: Leafy 5 (26%) Bountiful 4 (21%) Wildish 1 (5%) Licey 4 (21%) Blooming 1 (5%) Easy Going 1 (5%) Exuberant 1 (5%) Juicy Fruits 2 (11%) The game crashed before I could confirm but I think I did see my farmer harvest a super specialized seed so I wouldn't assume that those last two aren't available to thimble reeds. And though the 22% of seeds being mutations might seem off from the 33% prediction, some of those did come as the system was getting up to speed. On one harvest where I let the plants sit a bit before harvesting I did get 8 strange seeds out of the 23 plants. It also seemed like I didn't get any seeds mutated or otherwise out of a mutated seed I had planted despite having given my farmer 100 in agriculture. Seems like others are seeing similar behavior so I'm guessing they might not drop seeds at all. Final bit. It looks like you can edit the mutation of a plant within Duplicity.. not sure if capitalization matters, but putting in bad info will definitely result in a crash on load. See pic for where to edit and names I found, wasn't able to spawn a "specialized" seed to pin down that one
  4. This could be useful but since the platforms are now "solid" it means you can't stack rockets in a tall silo anymore. In horizontal setups you guys did a great job in making it so platforms link together so ports can feed multiple platforms (made even better by the filters you just put in). That seems to promote building a bunch of platforms in series connected to a set of loading and unloading ports all linked together. The problem then comes up that linked platforms leave no room between them for a gantry to work. Would it be possible to make a spacer building that maintained a link between platforms (or ports) but would let you build out the space between all these buildings? Ex: take a port building, remove it's functionality, but keep its behaviour, and reduce it's size to 1wide x 2 tall. That would let you build out the space between platforms (or ports) as you see fit.
  5. Two of the achievements requires taming moos. The fact that they widened the planet should also make a moo farm more practical (more sunlight exposure for grass) if you want to use that to get natural gas (though sour gas boiler would be the better source).
  6. @Ipsquiggle When doing a classic start, it seems like the Irradiated planet is completely lacking gold & aluminum volcanoes - Is that intended? I get there's more raw ore to refine on the classic planet, but aluminum would still be limited due to a lack of forest biome and gold is used in a couple of recipes, so being non-replenishable could be a long term problem.
  7. It's worded it a bit oddly, but I think it's in line with what you're thinking. Didn't see a way of making a table but it goes like this now: Starting: Terra | Swamp | Forest Warp: Swamp | Terra | Terra Rocket: Forest | Forest | Swamp From what I saw, when you start on a forest cluster, Cobalt volcanoes replace the Aluminum ones on the rocket planet, which is now an irradiated swamp.
  8. It's not been officially introduced, but since the alpha back in December there were two buildings related to the temporal tear introduced with the DLC IIRC. I think both are still spawnable via dev tools.
  9. Build a battery module onto the rocket. You can charge it up off your regular grid, and run the command module in a vacuum like that. Or send a second dupe that will run on the wheel and power the station directly. Not as efficient as just using the battery module, but way less heat issues.
  10. You can automate when the generators release the HEPs. Not sure on the capacity of them and the collider, but both seem capable of holding a fair chunk so far. You could just automate the generator to top off the collider at night when the dupes that'd go into that room are asleep. Or ghetto manual version, control the release with a switch. Top off collider as needed.
  11. Does the reactor heat cap out at just below 400° or am I missing some way to vary it?
  12. It just occurred to me these would probably work a lot better with an output based on threshold parameters. I've never used these before, primarily b/c they would require extra automation just to do what you'd typically want them to do. Example, When supply of X gets low, enable building that produces X. Right now smart bin outputs green on full, so right off the bat you need a not gate to convert that to send the signal when not full. But then you also run into the problem of inefficient small batch errands. Say you want to keep, 20t of gold available at all times. You could make a smart bin to hold that gold, and automate it to run a metal refinery when needed. The problem is, you could build 1 section of automation wire and the bin will no longer be full, and trigger production at the refinery. There are ways around this, but it requires a second bin or further automation. With threshold parameters though you could just easily set it to trigger production when the supply gets sufficiently low enough. This would also bring it completely in line with the automation on Gas and Liquid storage.
  13. Not sure if you're considering the corner building techniques (or in this case, just deconstructing through corners) as advanced mechanics, but it's possible to build this as a closed off vacuum storage really early in the game. Overall though, it's a great technique to learn and utilize. If you replace the fridge with a storage bin, you could either preload the space with chlorine, or first store some bleach stone until it off gasses to 1.8kg/tile and you have a great little box for degerming slime when destroying a slime biome. The smaller fridge version also works well for food storage in a spacefarer module. When I went to the niobium planet I realized the thermium I was bringing back was quickly overheating my cabin. Replaced the fridge with a bin and stored it in there. No atmosphere = no heat transfer = no problem
  14. Haven't tested every food yet, but the tree seemed to eat any food dropped in front it and produced resin within the tree at 2:1 ratio of kcal:resin. Once it reached 50kg of resin within the tree it drained out to either side via the little chutes as a liquid.
  15. Playing a bit with it, yeah -- seems like 50% of kcal becomes resin within the tree, then to add what you found, it looks like once it's collected 50kg of resin within itself it enters an "Ooze" state, and the resin will drain out. I think it looked like it had to drain before it could eat again? Overall, I'd probably just try to turn the whole asteroid into a giant farm with wild plants. Let sweepers collect everything and drop it off at the tree.
  16. Have you tried just building a roof over the telescope? The below setup worked for me once plugged in.
  17. I don't trust any decor item with spiked tentacles...
  18. It has multiple states. Idle, Attack, Cooldown and Eating. It appears any food dropped in front of it will cause it to enter the eating state. Right now that causes an immediate crash (for me at least), but my guess is you can feed it your extra food and it will turn out resin, which can then be boiled off to make isoresin.
  19. The sap tree causes a crash when fed. May be of particular note b/c it seems to eat meat and the 2 pufts it spawns with will eventually turn into meat if only by old age. The crash did seem to persist even if the focus is on a different planet by the time the "food" gets in range.
  20. Just wanted to say thanks re: the warning. It seemed like you since late December you guys were trying to push the mileage of worldgens between tweaking them, warnings like this are definitely useful as well. Curious though, do you expect these changes to go live next week? And if so, do you intended to have them at a point where they won't get changed for another month or so? EDIT: Also, it seems like the sap tree causes a crash when it switches to it's "Eat" state if you drop food items in front of it.
  21. When Plug slugs sleep next to a pneumatic door, they go horizontal rather than vertical. Plug appears where you'd expect it to beif it were hanging vertically, but visually doesn't line up with the slugs mouth. Not sure if this happens with other doors.
  22. Got a suffocation notification for a dupe on a different asteroid. Clicking on the notification while on the non-origin asteroid switches you to the dupe's asteroid, and focuses on the suffocating dupe, but does not select them. Clicking on them at this point also fails to select them. Clicking on another tile, and then on the dupe again does properly select them. If you're on the same asteroid where the notification originated when you click on it, it does seem to appropriately select the dupe (bringing up their info card that would let you move them etc.)
  23. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but since this is the automation update: Would it be possible to add automation signals to the rocket fuel tanks (particularly the liquid tanks)? I've not gotten that far with rockets to set up liquid hydrogen/oxygen feeds in survival yet, but trying to figure it out in sandbox it seemed like there's two bits of info that would be useful to communicate to systems 1) Rocket is docked - True/False 2) Tank full - True/False. I imagine those could be combined if you made a single signal out as Green if the rocket is docked and tank not full state.