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Need Help With Custom Character Animations

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After a long hiatus of 2 years, I started working on my custom-animated character again, and I'm using the example template character from 2 years ago (2019). I don't know if there's a newer one I should be using or not. I know I'm stupid for doing this anyway. But the character is an 8-legged spider, I have to.

I was wondering how to implement the character animations I made from Spriter, the one that came with DST's mod tools on steam(or is there a different animation program I should be using?) into the game. How do I get the game to read and play animations when it should? 

Also, is there a master list of animations I need to re-create(and can I implement custom emotes so my character can preform them with the / command)? I can tell some animations are actually 2 separate animations that play one after the other, and it gets confusing. There's also in game objects characters hold(Like a pickaxe). Does the game place those, or is that another animation?


This is Dot, say hi!

BTW, I don't know how to code with .lua in any way. help. 

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