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  1. After a long hiatus of 2 years, I started working on my custom-animated character again, and I'm using the example template character from 2 years ago (2019). I don't know if there's a newer one I should be using or not. I know I'm stupid for doing this anyway. But the character is an 8-legged spider, I have to. I was wondering how to implement the character animations I made from Spriter, the one that came with DST's mod tools on steam(or is there a different animation program I should be using?) into the game. How do I get the game to read and play animations when it should? Also, is there a master list of animations I need to re-create(and can I implement custom emotes so my character can preform them with the / command)? I can tell some animations are actually 2 separate animations that play one after the other, and it gets confusing. There's also in game objects characters hold(Like a pickaxe). Does the game place those, or is that another animation? This is Dot, say hi! BTW, I don't know how to code with .lua in any way. help.
  2. ok, it took me awhile to test(because console is foreign to me) but i've also added some code from WX78 that allows for the consumption of stale/spoiled food without penalty(it's my guess spiders don't care about freshness, especially one from the caves, where food is scarce). it also works perfect! now... to figure out how to add a craftable item that gives the perks '2x food from crockpot' and 'a tiny sanity aura to yourself and other players' when equipped... wish me luck!
  3. i just want to say, thank you so much for your help! not only once, but twice! i found webber's files and added the tags necessary to render spiders friendly, tame them, and walk on their 'creep' without slowing. i forgot to test the ability to eat monster meat, but i can always do that later. this worked with no problems! once again, thank you for the much needed help. would you like a profile pic? i can see your canvas is a bit blank there. i'm going to bed now, gonna try to work more on this mod tomorrow. have a good night!
  4. oh. Thx! spiders still want to kill me :/ afk, got called downstairs again.
  5. just, anywhere or in a specific location? wait, nm it says you can add them there uh oh.
  6. oh. Sorry! so... Like this...? it worked well, now to make them count as a monster. this probably won't be nearly as hard, will it?
  7. oops, I'm a dumb i'll try that I added it, and it doesn't crash anymore. but it still doesn't work.
  8. ok. man, i hope DST isn't mad at me now... if anyone's interested, here's the current(as of now) error. i'm off to bed now, see this screen tomorrow! oh, one more thing: to those who are curious, i highlighted the line it doesn't seem to like in that error message(line 63).
  9. this forge BG really sets the whole 'mods breaking' mood, huh? i may, or may not have deleted the wrong thinggy earlier. ... i'm guessing i did. i'll CTRL Z it and then delete the top one this time. *crosses fingers* the game... error messaged me... then forced-closed a moment later...