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Salt water "applejack" for fun.

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I'll confess, lettuce farming made me do it. This is not a guide or a pre-space material build: super coolant is required.

Ahh, the dlc posts abound and vanilla content wanes? Well, here's one of my ongoing projects on this old terra map... Many a thing has happened: CO2 geysers have been tamed and only half the magma from the molten core has been pumped into a 4 steam turbine setup after more than 3k cycles, so we now have more than enough space for this... A salt water jacker: a brine contraption if you will, but not a brinicle.

So you have 2 salt water geysers spewing a combined total of about 19kg/s 95ºC salt water when both are active; and one is more than enough? (I play too slowly, so my base is a late bloomer.) Well, pip-plant the lettuce, slap a couple of desalinators to the salt water, be done with it and ask for a prebuilt airlock too while you're at it build a salt water jacking station. (See 3rd definition at time of writing, you dirty-minded creatures: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jack#Verb)

In short, the aquatuners that are in charge of chilling the salt water are set with -24ºC in mind. V1 is currently doing 5Kg/s salt water. V2 is rock solid on 7.5Kg/s and goes up to 9.5 Kg/s (safe) - 10 Kg/s (more testing needed). There are two liquid flow valves I'm playing with in the debug mode and the liquid reservoir is a control for salt water overflow conditions.

The liquid element sensor checks for brine to make sure we can send it on its way.

V2 has some extra doors by the vertical heat exchanger to avoid warming up the brine too far away from 40ºC.

Keen eyes will recognize regular heat exchangers, waterfall heat exchangers, drip heat exchangers and (eventually) an escher waterfall in "pump" mode. Do search the forums and see interesting guides describing them.

After the late night read, I hope these screenshots appease your midweek madness:





And naturally, out of debug mode and into the actual map, the humble beginnings in a regular game:




A V2.5 (or V3) would be combining the output water from the desalinator and the molten ice into the regular heat exchanger that first chills the 95ºC salt water which is what I'm aiming for at the moment.


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@babba: ah... J.P., it never disappoints.

I usually try to make sure the builds have a single purpose... But idle hands are mischievous.

This is a probably an afterthought of this build... This is for the crazy minds that re use everything:

It is a build that needs space materials. So what if the aquatuner is made of thermium?

Using 9500 g/s of salt water pretty much makes the aquatuner in charge of chilling the salt water to run with close to 100% uptime. It should only stop if we run out of salt water or something odd happens... (one tries to plan for most, dupes are more creative, though)

Nutty people will notice an opportunity to either boil petro or - if adventurous enough - create sour gas.


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On 3/4/2021 at 10:28 PM, babba said:

As ONi cold war rocket silo reactor steam room builder, I like this a lot...:p

It took a lot of cycles, but I think it's done so far. Building close to the edge of the map and having that neutronium get in the way was "fun". It was also a stroke of luck getting the height right on the first try (steam turbines and all...).

I decided on two performance modes: 3kg/s (default) & 7kg/s (automated) This is done with a couple of liquid pressure sensors + an SR memory gate.

Here are some screenshots, and I'll be happy to oblige should questions arise.

The Brinejack contraption:


Details on the chiller:



What I call Goldylocks salt water extractor... The signal distributor perfectly fits the bill. It allows to select the bottom-most point of salt water extraction that fits the required 30-ish degrees I want for farming. The liquid reservoir to the right enables the process for storage until requested by the farm. (Not wanting to let liquid change temperature while stagnant in pipes...)

Here's pipes and automation:



And finally, the farm that demanded I built this:


Hope it was enjoyable to kick off the weekend.

Next up would be some boring ethanol + dirt set up... Those pips aren't pooping nearly enough for a fertilizer station...


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2 hours ago, ghkbrew said:

I'm mostly just impressed you found a use for the signal distributor. Good job!

It is the multiplexing and de-multiplexing concepts behind that that do the magic... An equivalent regular logic gate setup would have ballooned out of taste, imagine an additional AND gate for each liquid shutoff using the 'enable' line from the reservoir - after all the logic for each of them (shudders) . Klei did part of a field of dreams thing on that - then there was something in the mods done too... I also used a signal selector in another project in the same base for some oddball logic states in a steam turbine setup... I guess the basic electronics course did take root all those years ago.

Creating brine is "low hanging fruit" for all that matters - I guess?. It has had some positive consequences down the line:

There used to be 2 desalinators operating (1 main, 1 fallback on account of dupe operation needed). Now there's only 1 that operates at most 30%-ish of the time. Power usage/generation has actually dropped - apparently.

Hot water (95ºC) was being sent to electrolyzers & oil-wells - this was also used as coolant for the plug box I'd set up (didn't bother with battery flippers). Now it's less hot all around which also means some savings down the line.

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