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Nuclear waste overpowers liquid reservoir, intended?

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I'd like to ask if this has happened to anybody playing with the current build 453479 and the public_testing branch:

Generate enough nuclear waste and pump into a liquid reservoir. (I used debug and filled one with 5T of it)

Wait for a while, it won't be long and the waste just pops out of the reservoir:




It happened on both: older save loaded with current patch & new save. This screenshot is from the new save, didn't take more than 2 cycles to get this one done.

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It doesn't want to waste its time confined...:D 

(I can confirm it's happening and it is in a specific time of cycle, for me, not only in full reservoirs. Probably needs a bug report...)


Start of cycle: Reservoirs: 1-threshold 0-10, 2-threshold 0-50, 3-threshold none (0-100)

Midpoint: Reservoir 1 stopped filling(10%full)

Point when reservoirs dropping their contents (reservoir 3 wasn't even full)


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