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Add the Root trunk to DST

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Now that we have something similar to brambles in the form of spiny bindweeds these can make a return. Add a new drop to spiny bindweeds, plus nightmare fuel and thelucite to craft it.The recipe should be in the pseudoscience tab. 

I can see myself crafting one between lunar island and base as opposed to chests crowding my boat. One between sinkhole near base and the ruins as opposed to needing rope to bundling everything. They would be a nice alternative to basically just bundling everything as I do now.

Alternatively add the recipe to Crabking as a barnacle encrusted chest. The recipe can then be spiny bindweed drop, barnacles, and broken shells.

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19 minutes ago, Well-met said:

can you explain what the root trunk is for those who have not played omelette?

Linked chest from hamlet

For example. You could build a chest of this kind in your base and other in a cave entrance, when you return from caves you drop every gem in the entrance chest and when you go to your base you will have the gems in your base chest

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