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yes in strings you can change what specific characters say when they inspect another character.


--for example wilson inspecting willow
  GENERIC = "Good day to you, %s!",
  ATTACKER = "%s is holding that lighter pretty tightly...",
  MURDERER = "Murderer! Arsonist!",
  REVIVER = "%s, friend of ghosts.",
  GHOST = "I bet you're just burning for a heart, %s.",
  FIRESTARTER = "Again?",

By default all descriptions default to wilson, so you might want to change his first his strings are labelled "GENERIC"

As it could be quite a chore to add new descriptions for each character


Also %s reference's the player's name not the character they are playing as.

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6 hours ago, Ghost_starved said:

It seems you didn't fully understand me, let's say Wickerbottom examines my Character, and instead of the formulaic one says what I'll write, where can I change this?

In wickerbottom's case you just need to make a string like this

--"you can write strings in modmain, or other files but you'll want to keep it organized as there is a lot of them."
--"I prefer making a seperate file for my strings and just importing that file as it keeps stuff nice and tidy."
	GHOST = "If your character has the tag playerghost then we'll play this",
	REVIVER = "If she sees your character revive somebody recently",
	MURDERER = "If she sees your character murder somebody in pvp",
	ATTACKER = "If she sees your character has attacked somebody recently in pvp",
	FIRESTARTER = "If she sees your character start a fire",
	GENERIC = "It defaults to this if none of the above conditions are met, this is where you write your normal descriptions.",

--"below is a excerpt from player_common which shows the order in which these are taken in priority if their conditions are met."
local function GetStatus(inst, viewer)
    return (inst:HasTag("playerghost") and "GHOST")
        or (inst.hasRevivedPlayer and "REVIVER")
        or (inst.hasKilledPlayer and "MURDERER")
        or (inst.hasAttackedPlayer and "ATTACKER")
        or (inst.hasStartedFire and "FIRESTARTER")
        or nil


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3 hours ago, Ghost_starved said:

Can you tell us in more detail how you import your file ?

--in modmain.lua you can run

This file contains whatever I want to keep neat and tidy from each other so I got one just for strings, one for stategraphs, one for tuning, one for recipes etc. Just so it is easier for me to keep my ever growing files organized.

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