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  1. Hi everyone ! I wanted to know how to change the voice of a character? You can describe the steps or give a link to instructions I'll be very thankful
  2. Hmm, do you know why my code always gave an error? Defective forum template!
  3. Roughly speaking, I only need an answer, and I did not plan further than creating one character :/ There are no manuals on the Internet in my language, (It feels like they don't play on at Dont Starve). I don't think I can explain to you how good Google translator is. And besides, you ignore my old topics where I answered you. But still very grateful that you want to help me, but I'm very dumb. I will definitely read what you sent me, but I think that this will lead to little oh ok Have a nice day!
  4. I've been trying to code a character for a long time so that he can restore his sanity next to Webber. But nothing comes out I will be very grateful if you can write the code (Write the code better in the chat, and not a link to another topic, I tried it for me it does not work , For example, a discussion with rabbits) I know quite a bit about programming, can you tell me what I might have forgotten
  5. I am grateful to you, but it does not work for me. "An error occurred while starting the server, please try again later." CarlZalph
  6. Hey ! I tried to write code for a very long time, but in the end I couldn't do anything "Recovering sanity, next to Webber" If anyone can, write the code :C I'll be very thankful
  7. Can you tell us in more detail how you import your file ?
  8. It seems you didn't fully understand me, let's say Wickerbottom examines my Character, and instead of the formulaic one says what I'll write, where can I change this?
  9. I cannot do this part of the code I can send you all the code, but it seems rather strange to me. (P.s This is the final part of the code . I can send it to you in private messages, but I suppose you don't read them.) In general, I want my character to recover his sanity next to Wilson (as let's say next to a friendly pig)
  10. How to code a character to recover his sanity next to Wilson Explain what and how (in code) local function friendsFOREVER(inst) local pt = inst:GetPosition() local range = 10 -- range of ability local hps = 5 -- sanity amount per tick local frens = { "wilson" } local targets = TheSim:FindEntities(pt.x,pt.y,pt.z, range, frens) for _,ent in ipairs(targets) do inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(hps) end end local function BFFs(inst) if not and not inst:HasTag("playerghost") then friendsFOREVER(inst) end end (common_postinit) local toim = 2 -- time interval between every sanity tick (seconds-ish, it's not 100% accurate) inst:DoPeriodicTask(toim, BFFs, nil, inst) This code was given to me by one of the forum admins, but I don't understand much And this code doesn't work From what they explained to me, you need to add a tag, which tag I don't know I would be very grateful if you could explain "how and with what it is eaten" (I apologize for my stupidity, I am not the most experienced in programming)
  11. Can you try to explain it to me again? Only in more detail and clearer
  12. I don't know why my code is in Russian here... maybe I accidentally copied it from another post, but Google translator translated it and I did not notice
  13. Can other characters change the phrase if they are examining my character?
  14. okay, I already realized that you can't really help me Life its Pain