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Help with spriter

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Spriter files when compiled create a:

  1. Bank (.anim)
  2. Build (.build)
  3. Atlas (.tex)

The Bank is what dictates the animations and positions of symbols at any given time in game, by default the bank for player characters is wilson, as such any changes you make in a sample template like esctemplate will have no visible effects in game unless you play your custom animation. Modifying existing animations is a nearly insurmountable mountainous amount of work, so much so that literally almost nobody has tried and all that have given up trying to edit the existing animations. When it comes to spriter files your best ability to inject some visible modifications is to edit your texture positions in their respective .png files and also edit the pivot points for said symbols in the .scml.

This means that unless your compiled bank contains unique custom animations you can freely delete it from your .zip folder without having any problems.


The Build is what dictates where your symbols are in your Atlas, functionally its a fancier version of the .xml files that you'll see for other images.

A giant list of all your symbols and their properties. The only real nobs you have to work with with the Build is:

  1. Adding/removing existing symbols that exist in the wilson Bank.
  2. Modifying the pivot points of your symbols
  3. Modfiying the image dimensions of your symbols

All of these can be freely edited by opening up your .scml in a text editor or doing so in spriter's interface. Some basic familiarity with .xml files is a boon but not necessary.

The Atlas is a spritesheet of all your compiled textures, it caps out at 2048x2048, if your textures are very large it'll create more than one in order to fit them all for your character. The Build will reference each individual spritesheet and the location of the symbols in them.

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You cannot open or edit a .anim file its compiled and not designed to be edited.

You can use

the buildrenamer tool for renaming a build and the texttool to open and convert .tex files into .pngs


However the bulk of what seems to be what you want to do is edit the .scml file I am guessing which can be done in almost any text editor or spriter.

What is it again you are trying to accomplish?

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2 minutes ago, Ghost_starved said:

and it certainly cannot be changed in any other way?

Well you can add the SWAP_BODY symbol to your character's build that is the same symbol used for the backpack.

However if you are not comfortable with even basic editing of the .scml file or using spriter that is a bit more in depth.

Like I said you'll be stuck with the vanilla animations, and have to make your textures and build fit it.

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