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Econome spicy tofu setup - 8000kcal / cycle

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Here is my new food setup. I called it the "Big F*cking Greenhouse 9000" (oh yes !)


Dimensions : 22 x 28

This setup produce enough ingredients for 8000 kcal of spicy tofu.

At first, you can think it's too big and complex, but the main purpose is to have a most econome system as possible.

See the sketch bellow.


The setup will use polluted water to start. Once the distiller begin to product ethanol, the polluted water from the carbon skimmer is more than enough for the ecosystem. You also have fertilizer for the Nosh, the Pincha and the Trees.

In use, the setup need "only" 786g of water per second (or 471,6 kg/cycle). It also produce a little of extra polluted water.
I didn't count the water for the tofu cooking.

Probably too complex to build on a survival game.

Here the save file.

Tofu épicé 13.sav



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That looks pretty power hungry. A way to fix it would be ranching glossy dreckos with the mealwood, then boil the plastic for lots of natural gas. That will probably cover its water consumption a few times over snd produce a decent amount of excess power. Extra points if you are in DLC, which then the sulfur is useful too.

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Nice name.

4 hours ago, Gouflax said:

Probably too complex to build on a survival game.

I built a colony focused on spicy tofu in survival just before the dlc came out. This set-up produces enough food for 16 dupes, two of which are dedicated farmers. We're gonna use a lot of heat exchangers in this build, so put on your propeller hat.

I started with wild planted auto-harvest arbor trees. They take a little while to spin up so get them first. Put them in a room and keep it at the low end of their livable range (15° C) so they produce cold lumber.

Cool wood goes against hot ethanol in a counterflow heat exchanger. The ethanol exits the exchanger at 16.5° C and the wood gets fed into the distillers, destroying the heat.





On the left is an experimental pokeshell breeding ranch and food rotter.

Pokeshells eat the polluted dirt from the distillers and make sand.

Polluted water for the fertilizer synthesizers comes from the bathroom soaks up some of the heat generated by them before getting fed in. Natural gas goes to feed the range.

Oh yah, start some wild arbor trees for your pip ranch. Keep that ranch cold too, 'cause we're gonna use cold dirt to take the edge off that hot fertilizer.


Pip ranch.


These two exchangers are for dirt-fert (right) and powered cooling vs final farm inputs (ethanol, dirt, fert).



Drecko farm for the fertilizer synths.


Nothing special. Just some wild-planted mealwood for long-term sustainability.


In the upper left you can see the remains of a phosphorite melter I used to make the pincha pepperplant field. That's 15 tons of liquid phosphorous at 170° C. Speaking of which ....

Get your pincha pepperplant field up and running too. They take the longest to grow wild, but you don't need that many and you probably have a pile of nuts lying around.


I was off by a factor of three when I designed this. Melted soooo much phosphorite to make this wild field.... Whatever, the heat keeps the plants happy.


Here's Farmer Lister and John Peters (you know, the farmer) doing their thing. 22 plants with farmer's touch will produce a lot of spicy tofu, but it pretty much takes all their time. The farm is at -5°C which is at the hairy edge of polluted water's ability to keep things cold.








The kitchen and pantry are basic. I talked about how much I love my pantry here.





The whole system from wild fields to pantry is powered by 4-ish 2kw wires. A single aquatuner handles cooling the whole thing and runs at 23% uptime (over the last 5 cycles).

I've been running this long enough to build a regolith melter after setting it spinning. The main equipment is over a thousand cycles old. (synthesizers 1037cycles, farm tiles 1080cy, distillers 1253cy, aquatuner 1134cy, trees 1346cy). I'm on cycle 1675 and am pretty much done with this colony.

Look at all those happy dupes.




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