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  1. I dislike this mechanic. Space is the worst minigame in base imo. The DLC makes it much better.
  2. It's kinda crazy what you can do with so little. (-:
  3. Oh yeah. You produce ~42 kg of iron ore per cycle, so in a little more than 2 cycles you can refine a batch of iron ore and make enough power to run the deoxidizer for 60 cycles. Just a guess, but this should be enough power to run the refinery and whatever else you have in the hermit base.
  4. Could you power a hermit base solely by refining the iron ore coming out of a rust deoxidizer? To the spreadsheets Robin!
  5. Pretty sure bedrooms have to be at least four tiles high.
  6. Surely you can. (-: They're both made of genetic ooze so it should be pretty straightforward putting together a counterflow setup.
  7. Yah, you only need about 5kg/cycle of polluted dirt to make enough filtration medium with one dupe. My math may be wrong but sleet wheat (the fastest growing wild plant by mass) only produces 250g/cycle of rot pile (18,000g/72cyc). That equates to 16.8 plants to make up the filtration deficit. On the other hand, if you fill up a sieve's 1,200 kg storage capacity your colony can run for about 500 cycles before you have to fill up the filter again. At the rate this base goes through filtration medium I'd say it's almost not worth the extra complexity. Unless you're building this base in a rocket (-:
  8. I've been sandboxing a design with 12 wild oxyferns that seems to work fine over tens of cycles. (Standard O2 consumption. See spoilers from a previous post.) I'm also electrolyzing the extra 6.7kg of water produced by the toilet (adds ~10g/s).
  9. (-: The most important minimum. A deodorizer makes slightly more clay than it consumes in sand, so with an efficient way to heat clay to ceramic, then crush it into sand you could run a pO2 setup. Maybe @nakomaru's new ceramifier is worth looking at. Hands-off cooking is good. Where does the 187 kDTU to heat an egg from 20dC to 70dC come from? Can we find it in the base somewhere? My base generates about 420 kDTU per cycle and you only need to make 1 every other cycle. How dumb would it be to cool your base with raw egg? XD
  10. Nope, go to town. This is an exercise in minimizing the colony inputs. A fully-sustained single dupe base would be best, but not requisite.
  11. Could you feed the ice and CO2 into the aquatuner chamber instead of using the steam turbine to cool the aquatuner? What temperature is pee generated at? (Probably dupe temperature in which case it doesn't work.)
  12. Derp, off by a factor of 10. I saw FJ's pain hotel video, but I want the dupe to be able to do work too.
  13. This is a good idea. I'll play around with it for the second hermit base.
  14. I blurred it so I didn't spoil ideas for everyone. I'll attach some images to this post below. A single dupe needs about 12 wild oxyferns and getting them all from the printing pod would be tedious. You can propagate bristle blossoms, so starting on a asteroid with a lot of ferns and waiting for the pod to offer some blossom seeds would work. Right, I think that I need to avoid active ranching (and farming too). Cooling is needed. My design appears to need ~700 DTU/sec which is easily attainable with one wild wort. The max cooling power of a wild wort in hydrogen is 3 kDTU/sec so there's a lot of room. DLC is valid. A sublimation station looks like it takes ~100 g/s to keep a dupe oxygenated. Now, what about food? Ranching 8 pips and cooking them into bbq or omelets will take up a lot of dupe time. Eating meat is "ghastly [-1]" whereas uncooked mushroom or bristle berry is "terrible" [0] so there is some advantage in plants here. Sadly, a electrolyzer can't produce enough oxygen on pee alone. (5.95 kg of O2 per cycle per dupe). It's really, really, really close though, now that you mention it. Edit: derp Here's what I've come up with for one dupe. The only input to this arrangement is filtration medium for the sieve.