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Dapper Vest or Breezy Vest to 120 Insulation

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We don't have any body clothing against freezing that gives 120 insulation.


  • Dapper Vest (6 x Silk + 8 x Teeth);
  • Breezy Vest (8 x Silk + 1 x Trunk);

give 60 insulation which is really low, if you consider what they cost and if you compare to other head clothing like, for example, the Winter Hat (4 x Silk + 4 x Beef. Wool) with 120 insulation.

But since Dapper Vest gives a good amount of sanity (+3.3 min), i'd suggest to buff the Breezy Vest instead.

However, buffing any of them is fine, in my opinion.

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7 hours ago, Well-met said:

that's what the puffy vest is for, isn't it?

Just think about the hat variety we have:

  • Rabbit Earmuffs (60 insulation)
  • Cat Cap (60)
  • Winter Hat (120)
  • Tam (120)
  • Beefalo Hat (240)

So, we have 2 low tier, 2 mid tier and 1 high tier hats.

While for the body clothing:

  • Dapper Vest (60)
  • Breezy Vest (60)
  • Puffy Vest (240)
  • Hibearnation Vest (240)

So, 2 low tier and 2 high tier, and no mid tier. That's my point.

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Breezy vest & cat cap are some of the few items I'll actually say are pretty suck and not really worth making. I would be completely in support of buffing both of them to 120 insulation. 

On 2/23/2021 at 3:30 PM, JosePapp said:

I also advocate to make cat cap 120 and to make it require 4 tails, since it's barely if ever used.

I don't think it needs to cost 4 tails again even if it got buffed to 120 insulation. Both the cat cap and winter hat require 4 silk to craft, the difference is that one requires you to kill ~3 catcoons and the other requires you to either shave & kill 1 beefalo, or shave or kill 2 (with an extra 2/3 of a hat worth of materials).

Both are about the same difficulty to acquire, but one has double the insulation of the other one. That would make the cat cap a sanity hat instead of an insulation hat, but it's already 4 silk so for only 2 more silk you could just make a top hat with the same sanity restoration without needing to use the much harder to obtain catcoon tails. So it's a roleplay hat with little if any actual merit to craft.

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