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various issue or missing parts

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2 hours ago, stgo said:

Looks like solid cargo cannot be loaded !

I build the relevant port, a conveyor to it but the cargo remains empty.

Did you put a tile of conveyor rail on the green port of the solid cargo loader? That fixes it sometimes. 

Try putting a conveyor rocket outlet in the rocket cabin, that may get it working.

Try deleting the solid cargo module and rebuilding it. 

Try launching the rocket and landing it again. That’s worked for me a few times and doesn’t use any fuel if you just go one hex. 

This is the wonky behavior I wrote about above. It’s frustrating. Sometimes it simply doesn’t work or stops working for no reason. Happens with the gas module and liquid modules as well. 

As a last resort you may have to build a new rocket

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1 hour ago, stgo said:

Yeah already done it

I hope you don't mind that I took a look at the save file... (Sorry...I was too curious! :-D )

It seems that the gas cargo module blocks any transfer to solid cargo module (I have nooo idea how that could happen) Even building a gas port connected to the platform of the rocket doesn't solve it. Only when I hit the manual "empty storage" in the gas cargo module, did the solid cargo module start loading through the port. Maybe something is going on with the very tall rockets not loading properly..? Or cargo ports, cargo modules and fittings..? Probably if you launch it and rebuild the platform lower (to at least be able to see the gas cargo module) then it will be solved.



*I deconstructed the solid oxidizer tank in order to see if there were any more modules but you probably wouldn't want to do that because then the whole rocket will be stuck, not being able to launch without oxidizer





Large rockets need more "space". Space biome is currently too small for them.. :dejection:

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