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Help: Picking the game up after while

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I played ONI quite extensively since about right before Oil (early access) until one of the QoL patches I think.

A few "highlights" I remember from my last, larger base so you get where I left off and get a feel for what my knowledge was:

* industrial production for all materials
* fully automated pacu farm and otherwise sustainable food, water, oxygen etc.
* liquid oxygen system
* aquatuner / steam turbine cooling system for the whole base
* flying suits for all my "outside" dupes
* fully automated (timed) rocket system, meteor protection and an array of solar panels, with cleaning and cooling
* tube connections to all the major parts of the base and asteroid
* a fully automated storage and delivery system with a sizeable array of closed off storage areas.

So at this point I had pretty much "figured it out". Now my questions!

In the base game there have been quite a few changes, especially in terms of research I think.
What are some of the things to look out for when playing the base game now as opposed to back then? Are some things radically different?

For example is the industrial path still about the same? Roughly: Basic coal & electrolyzer setup => refined metals => suits => geysers => oil & advanced cooling => space?

The dupe morale and interactions have apparently changed quite a bit. Is it sufficient to kind of go with the flow or recommended to read up on the changes and mechanics after this time?

I'm very interested in playing the DLC and will definitely get it.
However, I first want to build a complete standard base to explore and tinker with the changes and possibilities.
What are some of the things to look forward to when it comes to the Spaced Out DLC? How does it relate to the base game?

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I hope someone replies and helps you my dear friend. :p

You find 50 cents on the dlcbasegamemix here from me.

...In short here - IMHO the DLC is the latest version of the game. IMHO it`s best to see the games development from the DLC perspective. The current base game is the old remains.

If one wants to imagine how the newbasegame is on DLC launch day, then its good to play the DLC to get a sense.

It`s a basegame rework, current basegame saves are for the dump on/by DLC launch day, that`s why I stopped playing the game in the last year with the launch of the DLC access :cower:

Reactor, big DLC start map, all rocket parts back...Then I`ll be playing again.

Wishing a nice day :bee:

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I could make some suggestions although I haven't skipped any updates so now I'm not so sure if I'll remember everything.. (A friend of mine just started playing the game while I am currently playing the dlc and I found myself pausing several times to remember how base game works :D )

Morale (+schedules) : Rooms + decor (not so important) + food

  • Building basic rooms (barracks, latrine, mess hall) helps handling moral early on (and not when every dupe starts freaking out). If you would like to advance quickly you could add great hall (using wild decor plant) and "natural reserve" park for +12 more morale (+6 for each)
  • Decorations can help but not like before. Canvas needs reed fiber and you need to have a "good" artist to make "masterpiece" paintings/sculptures so I usually leave it for later on.
  • Having better food (0, +1 or +2) until you can make a pacu/hatch farm will help too but you can still make it until cycle 100-150 only using mealwood
  • Schedules help boost morale and let dupes use more morale centered buildings during break time.

Industrial path hasn't changed much in base game (I think...). DLC is a different case.. :lol:

Did you play any different asteroids (other than Terra) or was that after Qol updates..? (I don't remember) If not, you could start with that.

Now DLC ... is like playing ONI, like a new player would play base game and discovering stuff again. There is a new alert while starting, preparing you for that but ...not enough (starting world DLC message below)




How DLC works for me compared to how I played the base game:



Swamp start: fall flat to your face in the first colony trying to manage everything :lol: (after a couple of hours it is manageable)

Some differences from base game:

  • Resources are scattered and you need to start with the mindset that nothing changed but everything is in a different place. (e.g. Oil in different asteroid. Reed fiber missing in swamp start asteroid)
  • Map is small. You can reach space and magma really early (cycle 20-50).
  • Many QoL UI changes. Search box for resources/research is the best!
  • Rocketry. (the whole rocketry is different... Too many things to explain...)
  • There are more things to do midgame.
    e.g. While you wait for lime/steel to be manufactured, you can explore a different planetoid/build your oil refinery system
  • It doesn't seem to  be very dupe demanding (maybe because of the small sized maps). Somewhere between 5-15 dupes are more than enough.
  • Space has no meteors (..yet)

My "base game" Terra map would mostly be mealwood until dirt is almost over, algae until cycle 120-200, electolyzers, atmo suits, space and steel production after cycle 300-400, completely sealing space from meteors until I start building rockets, rare resources, liquid oxygen/hydrogen and then endless waiting for more resources/builds.

DLC works faster. By cycle 30-50 you can go to space. By cycle 90 you can travel to the next asteroid/visit another one without rocket. By cycle 200 not total sustainability but almost reaching to a "hands off" base for oxygen and food. After that you can start building bases in other asteroids and/or explore more (almost after every update I start a new base so I haven't made many end game builds... :( )

But what I find the most challenging in DLC compared to base game is that you need each and every system/building.
e.g. Terra start has an asteroid with no algae in it so unless you bring algae with you or put electrolyzers using the limited water your other only "easy" choice would be the "tree->ethanol->petroleum generator" route


There are so many things different in DLC ... I'm not so sure if I'm explaining or confusing everything even more...

If you don't mind "diving deep" (ready to experience dupe tantrums and frustration) you can go straight to DLC and skip base game  :D

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1 hour ago, clickrush said:

I just started a new base and most of the changes seem to be easy to adapt to and make a ton of sense.

I’ll definitely finish this base before starting with the dlc. But now I’m even more excited for it!

I can`t wait anymore, the ONidiction level is at maximum. How long Klei, how long :culpability:

Praying for a big dlc starter map with lots of geysers, oil and metal fountains soon... :tranquillity: C`mon Klei, you can do it !


Regolith !

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